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Jack Gorman is a filmmaker, writer, photographer, sports executive and digital designer. He has written, directed and produced three short films, one-award-winning, and his projects have been twice nominated for Emmy awards (one win). As a sports executive, his teams have achieved unparalleled success, winning six professional championships and breaking historical records.

Filmmaker – Take the Ride Films

Jack Gorman is the owner of Take the Ride Films, an independent film production company based on the east coast of the United States. Though TRF, Jack has produced the films in the Patriots and Tyrants Film Universe, and is currently in pre-production on their first feature film. TRF is also seeking financing or sale of a feature film in the P&T Universe, a festival feature and a television pilot.

Jack Gorman Productions – A Video & Marketing Company

In addition to Take the Ride Films, Jack Gorman also owns a video and marketing company, Jack Gorman Productions. JGP specializes in video and photo production for events, real estate, sports and more. In addition, JGP provides services in graphic and web design, as well as social media and operations. His clients have included sports franchises Washington Kastles and Arizona Rattlers, which have won a combined 11 world championships; Jack Schore Tennis, a world-renown tennis instructor; and the Jason Martin Group, an award-winning realty company.

Patriots and Tyrants Film Universe

The events that occur in the short films Patriots and Tyrants (a Maryland International Film Festival selection) and Served Cold are part of what will eventually be a much larger universe. With plans to expand into multiple media, creator Jack Gorman is hard at work writing and revising the first feature-length film, Graveyard of Empires: Patriots and Tyrants the events of which occur before those in the shorts. Graveyard of Empires covers the backstory of Jesse’s cousins Joshua Mallory and Sam Bellini, whose exploits directly lead to the instigation of the events in Patriots and Tyrants.

For more information on Patriots and Tyrants, Served Cold, Graveyard of Empires or any other part of the expanded universe – please contact Jack Gorman.


Jack Gorman is a prolific freelance writer. He has published hundreds of articles on many topics. These areas include sports, tech and careers. His writing portfolio can be seen by clicking here. You can also read Jack Gorman’s blog on this website by clicking here. New blog posts are usually posted Monday morning (eastern time).


In addition to his sports photography, Jack Gorman has travelled extensively throughout the world. His photos can be seen on his portfolio page by clicking here.

Sports Executive

Jack Gorman has 16 years of experience in the field of sports. This includes stints in the NFL, NCAA, Arena Football and World Team Tennis. Overall, Jack Gorman has been a part of six championship teams, nine conference finalists and 15 playoff participants. In 2013, Jack Gorman was with the Washington Kastles when the team set the longest winning streak in major US pro sports history at 34 wins. The Kastles broke the 41-year-old streak set by the Los Angeles Lakers.

Digital Designer

Trained as a graphic and web designer, Jack Gorman has performed these tasks for many of his clients. Some of his work can be viewed in his portfolio.


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