1Q 2016 Twitter Film Reviews

Busy weekend, so it’s back to one of our proud traditions here: the blog version of a clip show! This week, all the films I watched for the first time in the first quarter of 2016, reviewed in 140 characters or less on the wonderful world of Twitter. Most recent first. Enjoy!

#BatmanvSuperman: There’s greatness but it’s overwhelmed by unnecessary complexity & over the top moments/music. Respect the ambition 2.5/4*

#Race Solid and compelling, if a bit unspectacular. Good performances all around, and the story is surprisingly timely. Overlong. 2.5/4*

#EyeInTheSky: One of the most tense & compelling films to come out in years. Virtually perfect. Timely & deeply affecting. Just see it.4/4*

#WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot: Other than spelling whisky with an e, great story. Compelling, timely and well told. Fey is great; perfect tone. 3/4*

#Deadpool: Very funny meta superhero film. Reynolds plays Wilson perfectly, and has solid chemistry with Morena Baccarin. 3/4*

#Burnt: Great setup and some interesting pieces along the way, but unlike Cooper’s Adam Jones’s meals, they never fully come together. 2/4*

#HailCaesar is like jazz in film; it’s as much the Coen Bros riffing on Hollywood and society as it is a story. But it totally works. 3/4*

#45years: Exquisitely subtle drama that (refreshingly) relies on facial expressions & perfectly moody cinematography Not for everyone 3.5/4*

#Room: Deeply affecting & haunting film. Breakout performances for both Larson and Tremblay. Defies conventional structure, but well. 3.5/4*

#Irrationalman: Every bit of exposition comes out of the characters’ mouths, and the completely useless voiceover compounds the issue. 1/4*

#OurBrandIsCrisis: Powerhouse performance from Bullock. Well paced and told story; good twists and turns. 3/4*

#Carol: A slow-burn, beautifully shot and well-told, compelling story with two big-time performances from its leads. 3.5/4*

#TheRevenant: DiCaprio should finally get his #Oscar with a powerhouse performance. Hardy too. Stunning cinematography & sound. Long. 3.5/4*

#StraightOuttaCompton: I only have one question: How the hell does this not get nominated for best picture? 4/4*

#InsideOut: Beautiful and poignant; a stunning portrayal of what goes on in a child’s mind as they grow up. Close to perfect. 4/4*

#TheBigShort: Fantastic direction and editing to make a complex story understandable. Good pacing, solid performances. Scary as hell. 3.5/4*