1Q 2017 Twitter Film Reviews


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Coming (back) soon. In the meantime, here’s this quarter’s clip show.

#Wilson has its moments and characters, but the story has no thread or logical development. Leaves you feeling empty in the end. 1.5/4*

#GetOut Funny, fresh, subversive, multi-layered and chock full of terrific performances. Erratic and wears thin after a bit. 2.5/4*

#kongskullisland moves way too fast not allowing its characters to develop. Stunning visuals; interesting take on the classic character 2/4*

#Logan Phenomenal #film. Joins The Dark Knight as the only two superhero films to surpass the genre. Photography, acting stellar. 3.5/4*

#AUnitedKingdom: Terrific photography and top-notch acting with a very compelling story, but the film never develops any of its themes. 2/4*

#Paterson A beautiful film about the mundane, yet compelling & filled with art, hopes and dreams. Driver is fantastically understated 3.5/4*

#JohnWick2: Every bit a worthy sequel of the first, which was a hell of a lot of fun. Also every bit of the middle film of a trilogy. 2.5/4*

#20thCenturyWomen A poignant, subtle and slow-burn character study that loves its subjects as much as it’s stunning photography. 3.5/4*

#FlorenceFosterJenkins Streep was amazing, as usual, but this was Grant’s movie, and he shines every bit as much. Amazing story. 3/4*

#Elle A strange, surprising and fascinating film. Isabelle Huppert is outstanding. Kind of gets under your skin and stays there. 3.5/4*

#Loving: A compelling court case and character study, even if it doesn’t quite hold your interest as a film. Wonderful photography. 2.5/4*

#Silence is disappointing. Great performances, wonderful photography but unbearably boring & far too long. Wastes a compelling premise. 1/4*

#Jackie Portman is AMAZING – the hype is real folks. One of the best performances in history. Film is compelling and surprising. 3.5/4*

#Fences: Clinic in high end acting; Washington & Davis are both amazing as are those around them. Direction confident, pacing perfect 3.5/4*

#Moonlight: Just hits you right in the gut, doesn’t it? Powerful, tender, compelling, disarming film that is truly an original work 4/4*

#Lion: Story – amazing. Acting – near perfect. Photography – fantastic. Structure could have benefited from Slumdog-style shifting. 3.5/4*

#La La Land: Note for note, almost fucking perfect. Loved every minute of it, and since musicals aren’t my cup of tea, that surprised me. 4/4*

I also saw Snowden in early January, but I can’t get the tweet to load for some reason. I remember I enjoyed it, thought it was interesting that Stone played it straight.