1Q 2022 Twitter Film Reviews

First quarter film reviews!

#Uncharted It’s fun but don’t think too much about it, as the connective tissue between set pieces here frays badly at times. Tom Holland continues to prove that he’s a true movie star. This is a franchise starter and you can see it has the elements be great down the road. 2.5/5*

#TheWorstPersonInTheWorld is one of the best romantic (and existential) comedies of the 21st century, hands down. It’s rare to get that “nothing happens, but everything happens cause it’s LIFE” feel, but Trier nails it with confidence and glee. Reinsve is perfection. 5/5*

#TheBatman It isn’t up to Nolan’s fresh take, but it’s pretty close. Somehow darker, grittier and more twisted, Reeves seamlessly blends superhero with noir and flashes of horror. Pattinson is fantastic, and the film itself is a thing of beauty – looks and sounds terrific. 4/5*

#TheAdamProject A throwback sci-fi action-comedy with a ton of heart. Reminds me of now vintage films like The Last Starfighter, which I wish we still made. Ryan Reynolds is fantastic as always, and the beating heart of the story comes through in every scene. 3/5*

#MunichTheEdgeofWar An old school spy thriller full of great performances and a stunning turn at the end. Brings everything – a great ticking clock, real-life politics and history and well-developed personal backstories to boot. Sharply directed and written. 3.5/5*

#TheElectricalLifeofLouisWain I’m becoming convinced that Cumberbatch can play just about anyone at an award-winning level. The chemistry with him and Foy sparkles and though each scene is compelling, the threads sometimes don’t hold together. Which may be the point. 3/5*

#AmericanUnderdog Been a fan of Levi’s for years, fantastic to see him in a breakthrough performance here. It is the standard sports inspirational drama playbook, but there’s a reason why they keep making them. When they’re good – like this one – they’re great. 3/5*

#ParallelMothers This is a beautiful and haunting film, with two transformative performances at its core. Cruz is getting the glory (well deserved), but Smit’s “Ana” is every bit her equal and often surpasses. Tense and compelling, but doesn’t quite stick the landing. 4/5*

#DriveMyCar The three hour run-time is daunting, but those with the patience to stick it out through the slooooow burn will be rewarded with a richly crafted, yet subtle tale of love, loss, redemption and regret. That said, it could still lose 40 minutes in editing. 3.5/5*

#Moonfall I love me some disaster films, especially from Emmerich, but I struggled here. It felt like someone took a first draft of a 3 hour script, chopped pieces out, then went and filmed it. Even the actors looked bored. The concept was fun, the effects good, that’s it. 1.5/5*

#Kodachrome You’ve seen this story before, and with a little more oomph in parts, it could’ve been great. Yet, there’s a sweetness that compels you to keep watching, brought home by a trio of top-notch performances and confident directing. It’s a fun, breezy watch. 3/5*

#WestSideStory It’s amazing how pertinent this story still is today, and Spielberg brings these to the forefront. Zegler is a revelation, a star in the making. The run-time is too long even for a musical, and as good an actor as he is Elgort just doesn’t get there as Tony. 2.5/5*

#NightmareAlley A wonderful cast at the top of their game with a ton of style to spare, and the last scene pays off beautifully. But it’s a long slog to get there – I don’t mind a slow burn, but there’s easily an hour that could be lifted out to make a greater impact. 2.5/5*

#HouseOfGucci An entertaining and ridiculous story chock full of great scenes, performances and more melodrama than you can shake a stick at. Would’ve worked better as a mini-series, as-is, it’s all over the place with pacing and tone, and it doesn’t really come together. 3/5*

#IDontFeelAtHomeInThisWorldAnymore First, Melanie Lynskey is an international treasure, and I’m convinced she can play any character, anytime and make it her own. This is a strange film, but it works at a number of levels – farce, gleeful violence, revenge, even rom-com. 3.5/5*

#LicoricePizza Throughly delightful. One part nostalgia trip, one part romantic comedy, one part Dazed and Confused, all intermingle well and create soulful, compelling characters and situations for them. Haim and Hoffman are future stars. Wonderful photography and music. 4.5/5*

#Passing Stylistic to a fault. Everything is presented so well, from the 4:3 ratio and its particular type of black and white photography to the speech patterns which mimic classic films, but its muted tone and delicate approach detract from its weightier issues & ambitions. 3/5*

#ticktickBOOM GIVE GARFIELD ALL THE AWARDS!! His energy and depth that he brings to the character is worth the price of admission all by itself. I’m not a big musical guy, but as someone who creates art, my God, what a stirring and well done film. Tremendously powerful. 5/5*

#SwanSong Ali puts on a MasterClass of acting – playing the same character but somehow giving them each their own humanity and arc while staying true to their cores. A slow, thought-provoking burn, but a shade too melancholy to be the celebration of life it wants to be. 3.5/5*

#Spencer This is not a linear story about Diana’s life…it’s barely a coherent one. BUT – from what I know, it’s a story about how it felt to be her. The images, the emotions, the tension are just stunning and thought provoking. Kristen Stewart…give her all the awards! 3.5/5*

#TheTenderBar I love me these kinds of films, and wish we’d make more of them. About everything and nothing all at once, plenty of character, well drawn performances, completely relatable, great music, heart filling in all the imperfections. Affleck’s seldom been better. 4.5/5*

#TheLostDaughter Intriguing and frustrating. Filmed beautifully & the sound is even better. The female leads are fantastic & engaging and everything tries hard to draw you in. But I just couldn’t bring myself to like the main character, and that walled me off from the story. 3/5*

#TheTragedyOfMacbeth Washington and McDormand amaze, and they’re always worth the price of admission. Coen strips all the fat from the story and adds a stunning, haunting visual flair. But…I struggle with…why? Beyond style and performance, there’s nothing new here. 2.5/5*

#Belfast Played both sides of its coming of age/family in crisis story extremely well, buoyed by strong, earnest performances all around. Could feel the passion for the story & its people oozing out of every frame. Pace was a bit too fast; could’ve used a little more burn. 4.5/5*

#TheKingsMan The individual parts of this film are well done and often fascinating. Wrapping the lore of the franchise into the undercurrents of WWI were great, and Ralph Fiennes is fantastic. But the story is all over the place; it’s a miniseries pretending it’s a film. 2/5*

#ThePowerOfTheDog Few directions get as much out of their performances and photography as Campion, and this is no exception. Cumberbatch has never been better, and frankly I can watch New Zealand scenery all day. The story is slow burn, but haunting (esp the ending). 4.5/5*