2012-13 Network Up-Fronts: Coming Soon

We’re about three weeks away from the first network up-fronts for the 2012-13 television season. If you’re not aware of what the up-fronts are, it’s basically where each of the five major over-the-air television networks (CBS, ABC, Fox, WB and NBC) present their 2012-13 schedules to advertisers. Based on the strength of these presentations, the advertisers will then set the market for how much a 30 second commercial will go for each show.

This is also where a lot of your favorite shows will move off to the happy hunting ground. While occasionally a network will keep around a fan favorite or critical darling, the up-fronts are generally a beauty pageant set around the almighty dollar.

My posts over the next few weeks are going to focus on what we can expect from these presentations, as for some reason this is something I’ve been following for the last few years. I might also throw in some previous stories of networks being embarrassed after releasing their lineups (CBS and Jericho, anyone? Seriously, anyone?), and whatever else I feel like talking about.

Stay tuned!