2012-13 Up-Fronts: Fox’s New Schedule

Yeah, I got lazy this week and didn’t get through the rest of my up-front posts. But since it’s three months until the fall TV hits and you get these wonderful insightful posts for free, then you really have no room to complain.

In other words, if you have a problem, it’s your problem.

(Did that sound too hostile? Maybe it did. Oh well; life goes on.)

So we’re covering the Fox fall schedule today. As I’ve previously mentioned, Fox’s schedule is interesting and unique in that each night (except Sunday) has only two hours of prime time programming, versus the usual three of the triplet alphabet soup networks.

Though it is likely easier to pair a show with another (or three or four if you have half hour blocks involved), it can put a strain on your developmental slate while putting together your pilots for the fall season. If Fox has an interesting show that it’s trying to launch but nothing to pair it with, it can be a problem for the network.

Maybe this is why the net is Quick Draw McGraw with some of its more creative shows? (See previous posts). Maybe not; maybe they’re just idiots over there in Murdoch’s camp. Hard to say.

So, without further ado, here’s the review:

Alcatraz – Billed as a new Lost, but actually more of a spooky procedural. Despite an interesting concept, it took too long to get to the point, and the viewers hit it and quit it.
Allen Gregory – Never heard of it. Probably a problem.
Breaking In – See above.
Buried Treasure – Sounds like an awful reality show.
The Finder – Thought the previews looked interesting. Then heard it was a Bones spin-off and lost interest. Don’t think the marketing was so hot on this one.
I Hate My Teenage Daughter – Yeah, a real mystery why this one didn’t hit.
In the Flow with Affon Crockett – WTF?
Napoleon Dynamite – People supposedly love this movie. I still want my two hours and $10 back from watching the movie in 2004. If the show was like the movie, I was right. *back pat*
Terra Nova – This got slowly better as the season went on, but started off too light, too frothy, too close to a lame family show. Couldn’t recover.

8pm – Bones – Cross between a CSI style procedural and a soapy workplace romance show. Never appealed to me; will not do well in this time slot.
9pm – The Mob Doctor – I’m of two minds about this. The optimist in me shows me a solid cast (particularly strong supporting characters) and a unique take on a medical procedural. The cynic thinks that Fox is rushing a medical procedural to replace House, that this looks like a better movie than show and that once again, Fox is pretending to be different by casting a good looking blonde in the lead role (see: Fringe, Alcatraz).

8pm – Raising Hope – A solid comedy (not my cup of tea personally) that seems to be building an audience. Tuesdays are wide open; neither NBC nor ABC have anything established there. Aggressive move, but I like it.
8:30pm – Ben and Kate – No mixed mind here; this one looks all bad. First, it’s from the New Girl people, so you know Fox pushed this one up to play a hot hand. Five minutes of preview and I’m still unsure of the plot of this show. The characters look undeveloped and lame.
9pm – New Girl – I almost watched this show, but thought it would devolve too quickly into a soap opera. Based on what I read about the Season Finale, I was right.
9:30pm – The Mindy Project – I watched this with my wife. I didn’t like it much, she thought it looked funny. I absolutely think that’s how it will go; girls will dig it, guys will run far, far away. Good that it’s paired with New Girl in that respect. Hope the pilot is better than the preview though; right now, it looks as if this show was written as a series of one-liners waiting for the non-existent laugh track.

8pm – The X Factor – The jackass from American Idol got a whole other show with people who sing and he gets lame celebrity judges who judge them. C’mon; they should have called this American Idol 2.

8pm – The X Factor – More of this crap?
9pm – Glee – Despite entering season four, this show has already jumped the shark. It’s become musical porn: a lame story to set up singing and sometimes dancing. I stopped watching it; became insulting to my intelligence.

8pm – Touch – This show has some potential, but needs to make a big move before the season one finale if it’s going to retain its viewership for season two.
9pm – Fringe – I really wish I was still watching this show, but always had a problem with Anna Torv’s character (and her as an actor too). Still, loving that Fox gave it a final 13 episode order to finish things up.

7pm – NFL OT – NFL wrap-up. Not sure what’s coming in the spring though.
8pm – The Simpsons – No comment necessary.
8:30pm – Bob’s Burgers – Stays around because Fox animated shows get two season orders to kick it off.
9pm – Family Guy – Long past its best work.
9:3pm – American Dad – Entering Season 12. That surprises me.

Generally I pass on mid-season shows since they are uncertainties at best, but digging on The Following, Kevin Bacon’s new show. Check out the preview (which I am too lazy to link here, so Google it yourself).

What the Schedule Should Look Like

I don’t have any real beef with what they’ve got here. Not a fan of any of their new stuff, don’t dig on most of their old stuff, but in terms of schedule building, this is pretty solid.