2013-14 Television Broadcast Season: The Trailers

NOTE: In my testing of this page, I occasionally had to refresh it for my website to pull in the embedded YouTube trailers below. So, if you want to watch one of the trailers but see a big white space, refresh the page in your browser, and it should show up.

Before we move on to the individual network breakdowns, I thought I should share the trailers of the new shows coming to broadcast television in 2013-14 season I’m fixing to put into my DVR. This is a fair number given what I’ve already got in there for sure (and I do like my television), but probably won’t stick with a lot of them (I stopped watching all but two of my picks last year; the only ones that remained were Revolution and Nashville).

A couple of things I forgot to mention in my last opus the other night before I do though.

First, I don’t understand why networks aren’t running shows on Saturdays anymore. Some of the most classic programs in television history aired on Saturdays, including The Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Bob Newhart Show and Golden Girls. The nets seemed to drop them at some point in the 90s and they’ve never returned.

Today, it makes even more sense bring back original Saturday night programming, as we have the wonderful invention of the DVR. So yes, you can go out on Saturdays yet record some shows to watch when you get back. You may not draw a ton of ratings, but come up with 2-3 hours of lower-cost programming, get some revenue and make a buck. Why air repeats?

The second is that, yes, I understand there are actually five over-the-air networks, with The CW being the fifth (last and least to be truthful about it). But I haven’t watched a program on the network since the late 90’s, and as I am neither a teenager nor a girl, I’ll pass on reviewing its programming.

Without further ado, the trailers, ranked in order of my interest:

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, Tuesdays at 8pm)

The Crazy Ones (CBS, Thursdays at 9pm)

Believe (NBC, Midseason)
There isn’t a trailer out there for this one yet. But all I needed to hear is J.J. Abrams and Alfonso Cuaron (Children of Men, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Gravity), and I’m in.

Sleepy Hollow (Fox, Mondays at 9pm)

The Michael J. Fox Show (Thursdays at 9:30pm)

Intelligence (CBS, Mondays at 10pm, Midseason)

Almost Human (Fox, Midseason)

About a Boy (NBC, Midseason)
No trailer for this one yet either (NBC seems to be lagging in its midseason selection this year). But based on the Nick Hornby novel, which was developed into the 2002 movie starring Hugh Grant. Have to see what it looks like, but could be the basis for an interesting show. Could also completely suck, too.

Hostages (CBS, Mondays at 10pm)