2017 Oscars: Best Supporting Actress

So it’s that time again – when I blow up your social media feeds with a flurry of Oscar posts that talk about films that most of you haven’t heard of. I’ll do this right up until Oscar night, then take the entire month of March off because, let’s face it, after 350 blog posts over the years, it’s hard for even me to come up with a well-thought out opinion 52 times a year (however, half-baked ones are in long supply).

Finally having finished all of the films, let’s go ahead and dive into Supporting Actress today.

OCTAVIA SPENCER – Hidden Figures
MICHELLE WILLIAMS – Manchester by the Sea

Who will win: Viola Davis
Who could win: Viola Davis
Who should win: Viola Davis
Who should be here: Greta Gerwig, 20th Century Women

I’m amazed, but this is another category where I have nothing to complain about. I loved Greta Gerwig in 20th Century Women – her role was just showy enough without being showy, and she owned every inch of it.

If I were going to take someone off the list, it’d be Michelle Williams. Not that Williams wasn’t her usual fantastic self in Manchester By the Sea – cause she was – but just that the extent of her role just didn’t measure up to the other four and Gerwig, all of whom were much more significant figures in their respective films.

For some reason, though, Williams is by and large considered to be the most likely to upset Viola Davis, though Davis seems to have a stranglehold on the golden statue this time around. And why not? Davis was passed over twice now for terrific roles in Doubt and The Help, and she and Denzel Washington blew the doors off of theaters around the world for their explosive roles in Fences. The two had crackling chemistry, went round for round with each other, and owned every inch of the screen.

I wish Nicole Kidman would get more of a look for Lion, which though it was nominated for Best Picture, seems to be getting little love despite its powerhouse story and pitch-perfect performances. I wouldn’t argue with Octavia Spencer or Naomie Harris taking home the top prize either, but neither seem to be seriously in the conversation at this point.