2Q 2017 Twitter Reviews

It’s that time again folks – my quarterly roundup of my Twitter film reviews. Last month, I switched from a four star rating system to a five, so I’ve also re-graded the earlier films. Hope y’all enjoy!

#Life So well done by all involved – the writers, directors, photographers, actors, et al – that you forget it’s telling an old story 3.5/5*

#TheMummy plays like a first-draft of a script: Some interesting characters, lots of potential, but muddled, flat and tone deaf. 1.5/5*

#WonderWoman is a thrilling adventure that feels like the charismatic Gal Godot fell into an Indiana Jones film. Pine fantastic too. 4/5*

#WarMachine is offbeat to be sure, but the farce works to underscore the film’s otherwise serious nature. Pitt is fantastic & funny. 3.5/5*

#PiratesoftheCaribbean It’s not bad, but the characters are shallow, the plot thin, too many coincidences and Capt Jack is too whiny. 2/5*

#TheWall is tense, intense and well paced. Taylor-Johnson is fantastic. The interplay with him & the sniper is a wasted opportunity. 2.5/5*

#Norman benefits from solid performances and some interesting interplay, but ultimately falls flat from a structurally strange story. 2/5*

#kingarthurmovie is far better than the critics would have you believe; kinetic and confident. Needed some story consolidation. 2.5/4* (2.5/5*)

#TheFounder Smart, satisfying and chock full of terrific performances, with Keaton at the center. Tells all sides of the story well. 3/4* (3/5*)

#GuardiansoftheGalaxyVol2 is a worthy sequel. Funnier with deeper characterization, though suffers from an over-bloated second act. 2.5/4* (3/5*)

#TheirFinest Blends comedy & (at times) bleak wartime drama well mostly due to Atherton’s luminous performance though klunky at times 2.5/4* (3/5*)

#Gifted is charming, and the chemistry and interplay between Evans and Grace is more than enough to carry the film over its flaws. 2.5/4* (3/5*)

#LostCityofZ is bold, yet dignified, strong yet reserved. Hunnam and Pattinson turn in fabulous performances. Pacing iffy at times. 2.5/4* (3/5*)

#fateofthefurious is exactly what you think it is: Over the top eye-candy action. Takes a while to develop but comes together nicely. 2.5/4* (3/5*)

#GhostInTheShell is more proof that a visionary director, a top-notch actress & beautiful visuals/effects can’t overcome a limp script 1.5/4 (1.5/5*)

#MissSloane Chastain’s all-in performance makes the film almost work. But its clunky opening act and a fumbled ending don’t sit right 2.5/4* (2.5/5*)

I also had the unique opportunity to check out revivals of two classic films in The Godfather and The Princess Bride. Great films, of course, both, but seeing Coppola’s crime classic on the big screen gave me a whole new appreciation for it. Highly recommend.

Programming note: I’ve been feeling a bit on the dry side for blog ideas lately, plus I’m working on a couple of scripts as well as about to head into my busy season. So I’ve decided to bench the blog for a few weeks. Maybe I’ll jump in here and there if I have something burning my brain, but otherwise, I’ll be back on August 28. Have a great summer, everyone!