2Q 2019 Twitter Film Reviews

First and last post for July…time for a quarterly recap of my Twitter film reviews. With Kastles season coming up, I’m putting the blog in vacation mode until Monday, August 19. Have a great summer!

#YesterdayMovie For my money, Richard Curtis writes some of the best romantic comedies in the history of cinema, and this is another to add to his collection. Sweet, funny and throughly enjoyable, with earnest performances from Patel and James. Great music, obviously. 4/5*

#LateNightMovie was entertaining, and Thompson was fabulous, but ultimately comes up short. A few more drafts through the writers room and this could have been a truly great fit, but it raises a lot of issues and interesting themes that never really play out. 2.5/5*

#Us Nyong’o is fabulous, delivering a note-perfect performance and raising those around her particularly all the kids who were great as well. The same can’t be said for the plot, which was thin, not terribly compelling and missed a lot of opportunities. Could’ve been better. 1/5*

#Rocketman The best musical biopic in years (including BR). So many films have chronicled the ride – the ups, downs, etc. But this is the first (or among the first) where you really FELT it. Taron Egerton delivers a once-in-a-generation, transformative performance. 4.5/5*

#Booksmart Leave it to @oliviawilde to manage to find a fresh spin on the out-all-night-end-of-high-school comedy. There wasn’t a false note to be found, the story managed to defy expectations yet stay within the confines of the genre and I laughed my ass off. 4/5*

#JohnWick3 Some of the best hand-to-hand and run-and-gun fight sequences in cinema history, without question. Keanu Reeves delivers – as always – as does his supporting cast. Wick’s world gets wider with each installment, which is always a good thing in this franchise. 4/5*

#LongShot One of the best romantic comedies in years largely due to the fantastic turns from Rogen and Theron, the latter continuing to prove she can perform almost any role, anywhere, anytime. Works on a few levels; somewhat surprisingly, this is also a film with a message. 4/5*

#Glass Some compelling pieces, but mostly a wasted opportunity. The film felt like it was in the first act for over an hour, the third act had too many ridiculous and unearned twists. McAvoy could have almost carried the whole thing off; his performance was spellbinding. 1.5/5*

#AvengersEndgame Thank you. 4.5/5*

#HighLife is the first film I’ve voluntarily walked out on in over a decade. Over the top shock cinema. No plot, no character development, no point. 0/5*

#Brexit Cumberbatch is fantastic, of course, and everyone around him is at least equally as good. The story is far more compelling and disturbing than you might realize from its subject matter. A must-watch for anyone with even a smattering of interest in politics. 3.5/5*

#TheBestOfEnemies The performances are fantastic, the story itself is amazing, and THAT third act moment is well earned. The story as told, however, is problematic. It’s repetitive at times, clunky at the act breaks and never quite gets to the insight it seems to promise. 2.5/5*

#ThePublic is a little uneven, but its worthy themes and characters far outweigh its faults. The cast is fantastic, and the low-key setup allows them room to run. A bit long in the middle with a too-short third act, but the message stays with you long after the credits. 4/5*