2Q 2020 Twitter Film Reviews

Twitter film reviews in the time of COVID…

#7500 A well done tense bottle thriller with a solid and nuanced performance from @hitRECordJoe. My main gripe comes with the demands of the terrorists; a little more development on that end would’ve made a huge difference to the overall story. Still, worth a watch. 3/5*

#Irresistible Is a fun political comedy with some bite to it. Generally well done all around. Could have gone further in multiple ways…though my main gripe with it is it gleefully points out problems without offering much in the way of solution. Still…it ain’t wrong. 2.5/5*

#TheVastOfNight is both a high concept sci-fi film and a character study, and is compelling despite its propensity for long speeches. Great performances with style to spare…but the ending left me feeling empty, and I’m not sure what it was trying to say. 3.5/5*

#TheHighNote A well-done standard issue romantic comedy, with earnest performances from its leads, particularly Johnson and Ross. The mix of the lightness of the story with the upbeat music and the sunny shots of LA and Catalina are a welcome distraction from the world. 3/5*

#SetItUp Continues to prove that Zoey Deutch is adorable & needs to be in more movies, & though he’s better used in Everybody Wants Some, don’t understand why Glen Powell isn’t a big name. A throwback rom-com with a 21st century spin…often cheesy, predictable and real fun. 3/5*

#TrueHistoryoftheKellyGang Unusual film with a lot of compelling pieces, but doesn’t really come together to find a coherent whole. The visuals are stunning and worth watching just by themselves. The performances are first rate and fully committed. The story, confusing. 2/5*

#TroopZero It’s fun. Once again, McKenna Grace shows she’s potentially the best actress of her generation, going toe to toe with a pair of Oscar winners. The story itself is familiar and you know how it ends before it begins, but like I said…it’s fun…if forgettable. 2.5/5*

#Capone Tom Hardy gives just an outstanding performance in what could have been an interesting film, but got muddled in some strange and baffling choices. The end result is somewhat interesting, but lacking in revelations in either character or story. Ultimately forgettable. 2/5*

#Bloodshot You either enjoy Vin Diesel films or you don’t; I tend towards the former. This one has very cool effects and an intriguing premise, but doesn’t make really great use of either. The end is a pulpy b-movie which is kind of fun, but feels like a missed opportunity. 2/5*

#Colonia Emma Watson and Daniel Brühl bring their a-games to a highly compelling story that should be told, but this script just wasn’t ready for shooting. There’s a frustrating lack of details and depth along with a slant towards the melodramatic vs. the historical context. 2/5*

#Hustlers Haven’t seen Jennifer Lopez give a performance this good since Out of Sight; setting a high bar that Wu and the rest of the cast clear as well. Story crackles and moves fast; not an ounce of fat on it. Compelling story falls flat in the final five minutes. 3.5/5*

#Resistance is a compelling WW2 thriller with the little known yet amazing contribution of the famed Marcel Marceau. Jesse Eisenberg turns in a great performance. Story is a bit uneven, with unnecessary time jumps at the front and a little too much formula at times. 3/5*

#Extraction is a modern throwback to the Stallone/Willis films of the 80s/90s. Hemmsworth has never been better, this gave him a chance to show some emotional range. Stunts & visuals are top-notch…particularly the long one-er car/foot chase that comes early in the 2nd act. 3/5*

#LostTransmissions features the best and most committed performance from Simon Pegg we’ve seen to date, and his chemistry with Juno Temple crackles on the screen. A compassionate look at a serious mental illness, and the excruciating choices loved ones often have to make. 3.5/5*

#TheCurrentWar should never have been a movie, rather a 10 episode limited series on @HBO or something. The subject matter is fascinating, the characters compelling and 2 hours isn’t near enough time to break the surface. What is there is well done and interesting. 3/5.*

#UncutGems @AdamSandler is freaking amazing and was mugged out of a Best Actor Oscar nomination. The film jumps out of the gate and barely lets up. The result is exhaustion at the end, and any film that can do that with tension and character conflict is brilliant. 4.5/5*

#ThreeChrists Fascinating story with an amazing cast full of great characters, which is generally well told but feels a shade too superficial when it all comes down to it. The third act gets a little paint by numbers, but still worth your time for the performances alone. 3/5*

#SpenserConfidential Action-comedy-pure-ridiculous-fun. The story makes no sense, but watching Wahlberg and co. bash their way through it is a hell of a lot of fun. Action sequences are well orchestrated, and the humor and chemistry among the actors is on point. 2.5/5*