2Q 2021 Twitter Film Reviews

Second quarter of 2021 in the books! AND WE ARE BACK IN THE MOVIE THEATERS!!!

#TheBanker In part, a standard biopic, in another, three different movies wrapped into one. The story is compelling, though its development of its characters could’ve been more aggressive. Its performances are where this film lives; Mackie, Hoult and Jackson are fantastic. 3/5*

#Cherry Just loved the style and feel of this film, all the way though. Tom Holland and Ciara Bravo are magnetic; need to see them together again in many more films. They’ll both win Oscars someday. The narrative is compelling, but script is either too short or too long. 2.5/5*

#F9 The most ridiculous F&F yet and that’s saying something (in a good way). A whole hell of a lot of fun and the set pieces are better than ever. The narrative was soft (even by F&F standards) particularly in the first act, though I enjoyed the various backstory threads. 2.5/5*

#TheHitmansWifesBodyguard The first one lived on the banter and chemistry between Reynolds and Jackson, and for some reason, that was minimized this time around. The plot is completely non-sensical, there’s no agency or heart in the characters and it’s…not funny. 1/5*

#TheConjuringTheDevilMadeMeDoIt A decently crafted and Farmiga and Wilson deliver invested performances, but there’s a few too many strange logical leaps that make it hard to stay invested. It lacks heart, though credit for not relying too hard on jump scares. 2.5/5*

#InTheHeights is the film we need right now. Topical and vibrant, joyous and timely, well acted, incredible direction, fabulous music and just enough story to keep a non-musical guy like me happy. See this film in the theater on the biggest screen possible. You deserve it. 4.5/5*

#TheDry A compelling slow-burn drama with some lovely (if dry) scenery, some nice twists and strong central performances. It’s a deceptively complex story whose themes often outweigh the plot, and all for the better. This film has a lot to say, and says most of it well. 3.5/5*

#Nobody is a hell of a lot of fun. In many ways, a working man’s, stripped down version of John Wick. Bob Odenkirk brings his unique blend of dry humor, and the stunts are fun and fresh. Where it really shines is when the 3 Marshalls are on screen together; more of that pls. 3/5*

#Cruella Style to spare; the mix of photography and music would be worth the price of admission, but then you add in two fabulous performances from both Emmas and you’re more than willing to forgive the muddled, one-note plot and strange ret-con of the classic villain. 3/5*

#TheWomanInTheWindow Amy Adams’ brilliance (and the rest of the cast, TBH) is wasted here. The story could’ve been compelling, but is muddled by illogical story leaps, weird imagery mixes and it can’t decide whether it’s going for campy horror or psychological thriller. 1/5*

#ThePhenom Compelling sports character study, filled with low-key, intense performances. The photography is weak and listless and the film badly wants to be Good Will Hunting, but it never quite gets there. 1.5/5*

#ArmyOfTheDead An ambitious zombie heist film that doesn’t quite live up to expectations as a single film, but as a potential franchise starter is pretty damned interesting. It’s a little thick in the middle but still pretty entertaining and worth the trip to the big screen. 3/5*

#BlueMiracle You can call all of the story beats before the end, but the characters and story is so earnest and moving that the film pretty much works anyway. Could’ve used a little more character development, particularly from the orphans, who get a lost in the shuffle. 2.5/5*

#AQuietPlace2 A solid, tense and compelling sequel. Krasinski’s directing and visual style has developed significantly since the first one. There’s always some logic issues in horror, but this is so tense you miss them, despite one story thread dominating the other. 3.5/5*

#Palmer You’ve seen this before, but this is a film made by great artists at all levels. The writing is near perfect, directing is confident and makes all the right choices, and Justin Timberlake has never been better. Compelling and moving without being preachy. 3.5/5*

#ItFollows I know late to the party on this one, but I’m generally not a horror guy. This one though, even with its tropes and wooden dialogue…it got under my skin a bit. The photography was impressive and added a lot to the proceedings. Loved the ambiguity at all levels. 3/5*

#WrathofMan Oddly dour/restrained for Guy Ritchie, severely lacking in character development, yet a fun and compelling ride when everything finally comes together & you can watch the chess game play out. Almost feels like a modern Western. Nice to see Josh Hartnett again. 2.5/5*

#Land I’m a sucker for quiet “Learning to live again” films, and also for Robin Wright, so I enjoyed this film despite its many flaws. It’s beautifully shot, and Wright herself has seldom been better. The story feels like a missed opportunity for something deeper. 2.5/5*

#TheCourier An old school spy film that’s suspenseful and compelling, while made all the better by the presence of the trio of leads, Cumberbatch, Ninidze and Brosnahan. A big tonal shift in the second half is handled masterfully, a tribute to both director and writer. 4/5*

#TheLittleThings Any movie with Denzel Washington in it is instantly a good film, and his chemistry with Rami Malek carries the day in an otherwise unremarkable story. Still, there’s some nice twists and turns, and an ending you may not expect, but sits with you. 2.5/5*

#WithoutRemorse Michael B. Jordan gives it his all, but even his commanding on screen presence can’t save a script full of action/spy film cliches. The big twist you can see less than 10 minutes into the film. In all, it’s not bad but mediocre and entirely forgettable. 1.5/5*

#TheDig Feel good film with top-notch performances from a talented cast, with just enough introspection and historical context to keep the film anchored in light drama without devolving into melodrama. And then there’s the beautiful scenery…if nothing else, watch for that. 4/5*

#TheWhiteTiger Kinetic, gritty and compelling, the film plays simultaneously as a drama, farce and social commentary. Beautifully crafted at all turns and incredibly well acted. Gets a bit long in the middle with some repeated beats, yet a remarkable film. 4.5/5*

#PiecesOfAWoman The performances are stunning, especially in the 30 minute pre-credits teaser which, on its own, is a beautiful piece of filmmaking work. The actors give it their all throughout, even though the story loses steam at points and doesn’t stick the landing. 2.5/5*