2Q 2022 Twitter Film Reviews

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#Elvis No one can put on a three ring carnival like Col Tom Parker, but on film, the three ring crown goes to Baz Luhrmann. Though too long, he delivers a kinetic, exciting, compelling rock concert of a biopic, and two powerhouse performances from Hanks and Austin Butler. 3.5/5*

#DowntonAbbeyANewEra It is as it always was. A nice bit of nostalgia that also continues to push the story forward. A couple of series-defining twists that, more than the last, makes another film an intriguing possibility. Enough story lines for two films though. 3/5*

#JurassicWorldDominion The critics have it wrong on this; it’s the best one since the original. It’s got a great mix of the action that defined the World trilogy and the philosophy that made the first one a classic. Only complaint is it probably should’ve been two movies. 3.5/5*

#FantasticBeastsTheSecretsOfDumbledore FWIW: I am a MAJOR Potterhead. It looks beautiful. It’s well acted. But the script is just awful. No character arcs. No real goals. Story is nonsensical. Does a horrific job with connective tissue & logic scenes. Should’ve scrapped it. 1/5*

#TopGunMaverick Surpassed all expectations, and will go down in history as the holy grail what a legacy sequel can be. Just enough fan service without being ridiculous, and more of an ambitious goal-oriented plot than the first, and of course the PHOTOGRAPHY IS STUNNING!! 4.5/5*

#DrStrangeMultiverseOfMadness Visually stunning, crazy, and a whole lot of fun. A little rough in the beginning but finds its footing as a quasi-horror film with the confident direction from Raimi. Great performances from Cumberbatch and especially from Olsen. 3.5/5*

#DogMovie Channing Tatum has never been better, giving a compelling and honest performance (with terrific canine chemistry) that elevates this film, while telling a layered story that isn’t afraid to give a light touch on deeper issues. Heartwarming. 3/5*

#MarryMeMovie Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson are so ridiculously charming together that they could carry just about anything. It’s exactly what you think it is; light, breezy and fun. 3/5*

#AllTheOldKnives Chris Pine and Thandiwe Newton have never been better on their own, and their compelling chemistry keeps things simmering, even when the story falls flat at times. Still, a well-done, old school, stripped down spy thriller that’s more than worth the watch. 3/5*

#AmbulanceMovie Peak Michael Bay. The photography is fast, fun and a love letter to Los Angeles. The story, kinda the same – it starts fast and goes faster. If you just go with it, you’ll see some solid performances, great stunts and have a great time. A little long. 3/5*

#TheContactor Great to see Pine and Foster on screen together again, though they deserved a better reunion. This film is very good for the first hour or so, but completely falls apart in the third act. Compelling characters and performances, and has something to say. 2.5/5*

#TheLostCity It’s exactly what you see in the trailers. It’s got a good mix of action/adventure/comedy, and terrific chemistry from its leads. Like a lot of 21st century comedies, it gets unhinged at times, but not too far. Lots of good Easter eggs. It’s fun. 2.5/5*

#DeepWater It kept me compelled right through the end which, when I look back at it, says something. I loved the vibe between Affleck and de Armas: each scene was like a new piece of the onion peeling off. Doesn’t stick the landing-too much developed, not enough execution. 2.5/5*

#DeathOnTheNile Murder mysteries aren’t my thing in general, but it’s fun, with a great mix of layered mystery, entertaining characters, wonderful production value and of course, the patented twists. An improvement over the first, and Branagh’s Poirot seems dead on to me. 3/5*