2Q Twitter Film Reviews

It’s that time again folks! Here’s the films I saw for the first time in the 2nd quarter of 2016.

#IndependenceDayResurgence: A big, loud fun mess. But let’s be honest, Roland Emmerich: you can do better. ID4 was much better. 2/4*

#Genius: Intriguing story with some thoughtful performances from Firth and Law, but never quite reaches the promise of its title. 2.5/4*

#NowYouSeeMe2 Reasonably enjoyable, yet lacks the magic of the first. Overly complex;unfortunately gets away from characters/illusions. 2/4*

#TheLobster: Pretentious and boring. Has two points, makes them in 10 minutes, then bashes you over the head with them for 2 hours. .5/4*

#MoneyMonster: Taut and entertaining, if not quite as hard hitting as it’d like to be. Well told and paced; needed a oner at the top. 3/4*

#SingStreet: Pitch perfect, feel good musical which balances its drama and optimism well. Just bought the soundtrack. 3.5/4*

#ahologramfortheking This movie is all Tom Hanks – he brings just the right personality and humor to the quirky, meandering story. 2.5/4*

#TheNiceGuys Crowe and Gosling have great comedic chemistry and, along with newcomer Rice, their interplay really drive the film. 3/4*

#ConcussionMovie Compelling, well acted and told. Will Smith delivers a career performance. 3/4*

#CaptainAmericaCivilWar Throughly engaging story & characters;flawlessly integrates the newbies into the universe. 100% better than A2. 3/4*

#Criminal: Wastes the potential of an interesting premise and great cast, turning in a muddled paint-by-numbers story. Still, not bad. 2/4*

#MidnightSpecial: Moody and engaging with some great performances & cinematography. Narrative never quite gels, though. 3/4*

#EverybodyWantsSome takes time to build but once it does – very fun. Almost like going back to college..if college was ever that fun. 3.5/4*

#BornToBeBlue: Gets under your skin early & stays there. Fabulous cinematography; truly iconic shots. Hawke an early Oscar contender. 3.5/4*

#MilesAhead: Cheadle does his best to create the jazz feel in film, and largely succeeds. Powerhouse performance. 3.5/4*

#TheConfirmation: Decent and entertaining; a bit aimless and a bit too neat of an ending. Owen and Lieberher have great chemistry 2.5/4*