2Q Twitter Film Reviews

So it’s 11pm on Sunday night and I realized I totally forgot to write a blog post. Which kind of sucks because I’m also putting the blog on vacation until August 10 due to Kastles season.

So you guys get my quarterly update on Twitter film reviews. We’re at an all-time low this quarter after editing Served Cold, going to China and suffering through Mutant-Cold-From-Hell.

Anyway, see you all in a few weeks; enjoy!

#TerminatorGenisys Lacks the depth of Cameron’s films, but is worthy of the franchise. Has some fun twists and turns; enjoyable. 2.5/4*

#LoveAndMercy: Some brilliant filmmaking & a fascinating story. The kind of performance not seen from John Cusack since High Fidelity 3.5/4*

#MadMax: Hyper is the word – hyper stylized, hyper edited, hyper action – which all comes together for a satisfying film experience. 3/4*

#SanAndreas Impressive special effects and some solid acting. Story is flimsy, predictable and over-long, but still a lot of fun. 2.5/4*

#JurrasicWorld A return to the themes of the original: the arrogance of man and the wonder of nature. A little long, but a lot of fun. 3/4*

#Tomorrowland: Great ideas, visuals & passion from its filmmakers. Poorly executed; story is king & it doesn’t start until 60 min in. 1.5/4*

#EntourageMovie is exactly what you think it is. But if you liked the show in its early years, this is pretty close. A lot of fun. 2.5/4*

#AgeOfUltron Solid & unspectacular. Way too much action; character scenes were great but too few. Film doesn’t advance the MCU much. 2.5/4*

#Cinderella: Traditional, but stylish, with just enough new details to surprise you despite the oh-so-familiar story. Solid acting. 2.5/4*