3Q 2017 Twitter Film Reviews

It’s time for that quarterly blog clip show – the roundup of my third quarter Twitter film reviews! Take these with the usual 1/2 grain of salt…

#BattleoftheSexes Does a wonderful job establishing everything riding on the famous match and amping up the tension. 3.5/5*

#Kingsman in some ways is better than the first. Lose half of Moore’s exposition and Harry’s initial sub plot and it might have been. 3/5*

#GoingInStyle Great chemistry among its three main leads, and just enough story to keep it interesting. Not great, but light and fun. 2.5/5*

#LoganLucky has a great film in there somewhere. Terrific performances and a slick story. Unfortunately, it’s 45 minutes too long. 2.5/5*

#HitmansBodyguard is hilarious & that helps gloss over many of the problems inc. 3rd act tone shift & weirdly out-of-focus photography. 3/5*

#WindRiver is my least favorite Taylor Sheridan film, yet is deeply affecting, well done all around and one of the best of the year. 4.5/5*

#AtomicBlonde is a mish-mash of spy film cliches lacking in a cohesive story. It has undeniable style, and Theron is great as always. 1.5/5*

#TheDarkTower: One word: rushed. Lots of intriguing potential, but needed another hour to fully explore characters and develop story. 2/5*

#TheCircle: 1st draft of a much better film. Great concept, poorly executed, esp dialogue & secondary characters. Watson impressive. 1.5/5*

#Dunkirk: Satisfying spectacle; compelling and emotionally satisfying. It’s a story that needed telling, and Nolan nailed it. 4/5*
Add note: Also, if you can see #Dunkirk in 70mm IMAX, absolutely do it. Never felt so immersed in a film like this one.

#WarForThePlanetOftheApes Fitting end to outstanding prequel trilogy. More pensive, thoughtful & compelling than expected. Serkis for #Oscar? 3.5/5*

#SpiderManHomecoming Fun, fresh take. Holland is solid, set pieces well done. Story muddled/not well executed. Ending too contrived. 2.5/5*

#BabyDriver is entertaining, action-packed, chock full of terrific characters and above all – stylish – with a great soundtrack. 4/5*

#Wakefield was a reasonably engaging character portrayal with terrific performances by Cranston and Garner. Until…it ended. 2/5*