3Q 2018 Twitter Film Reviews

It’s time for this blog’s version of a clip show – time to review my last three months at the cinema.

#TheWaterDiviner Crowe the director struggled a bit here – uneven pacing, structural problems and cinematography issues – but Crowe the actor delivers as good a performance as we’ve ever seen from him. Compelling and engaging story that needs more attention. 2.5/5*

#TombRaider This fulm badly needed some fun…and Spielberg. It’s not bad, but it gets very paint by the numbers after the first act. Vikander gives it her all, almost pulling it off in places. Can we hook up Spielberg and Vikander for Indy 5? Indy’s great granddaughter? 1.5/5*

#DestinationWedding The chemistry between Reeves and Ryder is undeniable, making the film more enjoyable, even though it’s clearly the cynical ripoff of Before Sunrise. Lacks photographical and blocking imagination – I was dying for a good walk and talk. Too stationary. 2/5*

#FirstMan Damien Chazelle has huge balls as a filmmaker; his gritty, in-your-face style could completely blow up in hands of a less-talented director, but he pulls it off. He manages to add drama to a story we all know as well as make it feel personal. Gosling amazes. 4.5/5*

#Roma is pure poetry on film. Every sight, every sound, every action aims to build and add to your experience. A true slice of life story, so expect a deliberate pace. Hard to watch at times. Cuarón has crafted himself a masterpiece. 5/5*

#GreenBook is a truly special film. The chemistry between Mortensen and Ali sparkles throughout, elevating the already-terrific script. It’s the funniest serious movie I’ve seen in years – perhaps ever – hitting on some significant social issues while laughing my ass off. 5/5*

#ViperClub A tour de force of acting range from Susan Sarandon, who elevated the film far above the source material. The story, while compelling, leaves a lot of questions and themes on the table in favor of slow (and often unnecessary) homelife character development. 2.5/5*

#TheOldManandtheGun It’s fitting, I suppose, that Redford’s last movie is an homage to his most career defining role: The Sundance Kid. It’s like if you asked Taylor Sheridan to make a comedic solo film for Sundance. Redford has a great time, and so does the audience. 4.5/5*

#Wildlife I’m struggling a bit with my reaction to this film, because parts of it hit way too close to home & are so perfectly thought out & executed that I’m not sure if I’m reacting to my own life or the film. Which I guess is the point, right? Mulligan should see a nom. 4.5/5*

#LifeItself is a masterpiece of 21st century American cinema. Yes, it’s blatantly emotionally manipulative, but so what? So is life, which is the damned point. Every performance is perfect, the twists plentiful, the photography well done and the story just fantastic. 5/5*

#OutofBlue Patricia Clarkson does her best to deliver, but the story is just too muddled and unfocused to connect. The crime drama part sort of works, though is fairly slow. The psychological and cosmological components are way underbaked and don’t fit. Music distracting. 1/5*

#TheFrontRunner One word describes this one: kinetic. From the oner to to open to the clap and beat music, the snappy Sorkin-esque dialogue and the ever-shifting energy, this film is a heck of a ride, though it does drag in a few portions. The story is the star here. 4/5*

#PatriotsDay is Berg and Wahlberg at their collective best, which interestingly enough downplays the latter. Berg’s gritty style lends itself nicely to the subject, offering an almost documentary feel to a story featuring a fictional leading man in MW, who owns his part. 3/5*

#OurSoulsAtNight would be too much Grumpy Old Men meets boilerplate-romantic-comedy, except Redford and Fonda hit each note so perfectly and have such great chemistry that it lifts the overall film far above its subject material. A nice, enjoyable film to watch. 2.5/5*

#JackReacherNeverGoBack is fine, though lacking in story an particularly the connective tissue between the generally well done action set pieces and twist/reveals. Cruise as good as he always is, though Film Reacher is often very Ethan Huntish that it’s easy to confuse them.2.5/5*

#2001ASpaceOdyssey I don’t get the love for this film. I can see how revolutionary it would have been in 1968, and I went to see the restored version on IMAX, but I was bored stiff. The shots were waaaaay too long, the story nonexistent and what was there was pretentious as hell. 1/5

#Mile22 An over-abundance of cuts and an underwhelming story, yet still a good time to be had at the movies. Walhberg is perfectly cast for his character, the action is fierce and non stop and there’s some good twists to be had along the way. 2.5/5*

#Equalizer2 disappoints; expected more from Denzel’s first-ever sequel. The action is great, but Fuqua didn’t deliver his usual stunning visuals – the photography was fine, but not stellar. The B-stories and relationships were much more interesting than the main plot. 2/5*

#MissionImpossibleFallout is a damned fine entry into the M:I cannon. @TomCruise and the crew are at their best, with fantastic set pieces, and a sleek story with just enough twists. Cool callbacks to the previous films, 1 in particular. This is what summer films should be. 4/5*

#AntManAndTheWasp It’s light-hearted fun, which is a welcome palate cleanser from the awesome-yet-heavy Infinity War. Lilly is the real revelation here, growing well into her role. Rudd is good but is trying too hard in parts. Story slight, but in all, better than the first. 3/5*

#Sicario2 has a lot of interesting pieces, but they never come together into the compelling thriller like its predecessor. Script needed another draft. Sorely missing Deakins’ photography as well. Del Toro continues to be amazing. 2/5*