3Q 2020 Twitter Film Reviews

COVID19 reviews, Part 2…

#Alone Kinda like if Sofia Coppola made a horror film; not only does this film make minimalism work, but it makes it work FOR it. The anticipation and facial expressions ratchet up the tension in every scene and the film moves quickly. Compelling, tense and scary. 3.5/5*

#EnolaHolmes The perfect vehicle for Millie Bobby Brown to grow into as she grows up and out of Stranger Things. She’s effervescent, smart and owns every bit of the screen, even when matched against some heavyweight talent. Story’s fun, breezy, just compelling enough. 3.5/5*

#JamesVsHisFutureSelf Quirky, nerdy, fun rom-com. A little off-beat, too slow in places, could’ve used a better B-story. But the performances were solid , and it’s nice to see Daniel Stern in a meaty role again. Could’ve taken its existential questions a little farther. 2.5/5*

#TheDevilAllTheTime First, stripped away from $200M worth of CGI, Holland can act. It’s worth watching just for the litany of committed performances from its stellar cast. Its story is unconventional but engrossing, and its indictment of bible thumpers is (always) timely. 3.5/5*

#SomeoneGreat I’m partial to the “one day in your life” films. It’s enjoyable, though even at 93 minutes, it gets long, and would’ve preferred a few more pensive moments in place of louder ones. Performances and cast chemistry are top-notch, characters all well drawn. 2.5/5*

#CriticalThinking It’s a typical inspirational sports story that’s not all that typical or about sports. Leguizamo proves to be a double threat, and all performances are top-notch. The story is fantastic, but the script has a few unresolved arcs that fall flat in the end. 3.5/5*

#ThePeanutButterFalcon The best feel-good film in recent memory & proof positive that Shia LaBeouf deserves another shot in big-time filmmaking. The story has deep roots in Twain, brings a sense of adventure, family & belonging. It’s 2020-enjoy the escapist sentimentalism. 3.5/5*

#TheRental Starts off with a mildly intriguing premise, devolves into some horror cliches and ends with a wimper, not a bang. Performances and photography were both solid, but the story was both devoid of any real meaning or context. Could’ve been much better. 1.5/5*

#TheOneILove Strangely compelling film with two great performances from Moss and Duplass. What it has to say about idealizations of your significant others is fresh and somewhat unsettling, though the premise wears a little thin and doesn’t quite pay off in the final act. 3/5*

#21Bridges Boseman was a terrific leading man who elevated everything he was a part of…including this throwback action thriller. Well done, well directed with a nice twist mid-story. Even if the third act is somewhat lacking, it’s a fun ride and worth a watch. 2.5/5*

#BillandTedFaceTheMusic Dumb, incoherent, non-sensical…and somehow, they nailed it and made a most triumphant film which captured the earnest/optimistic spirit of the first two, 30 years later. If you liked the first two this’ll hit you right in the feels. Party on, dudes! 3/5*

#Tesla Ethan Hawke delivers a transformative performance which helps elevate muddled and often pretentious film. I get that it’s supposed to FEEL like Tesla’s life rather than seeking accuracy, but it loses a lot of compelling details in favor of some weird, pointless shit. 2/5*

#BadEducation More proof that Hugh Jackman and Allison Janney can play anyone, anywhere. Material is reasonably compelling but the performances and storytelling elevate it to a highly watchable, darkly funny and entertaining film with a strong message. 4/5*

#AnAmericanPickle Seth Rogen has never been better (this is #1 and #2 on his list) in a smart comedy with plenty of wit and heart to spare. Low-key, something to say, but doesn’t hit you over the head. Also a lot of fun; in 2020, it’s nice to just enjoy something light. 3.5/5*

#WaitingForTheBarbarians Waste of talent and some really good performances. It has one point which it makes very quickly. Then it turns into a slow burn for an act and a half, which was fine…but coming to the 2nd act break it went WAAAAY off the rails and never went back. 1/5*

#PalmSprings Far better than it has any right to be. Andy Samberg & Cristin Milloti are fantastic together and their chemistry would carry even a bad film…but this is a well-written, fresh, enjoyable story on top of it. Hit me right where I live, being stuck in quarantine. 4/5*

#NeverGrowOld A rare true western: dark, slow burn, morally ambiguous, with plenty of reflections on today’s culture to feel fresh and relevant (and not for everyone). As the complicated villain, this was John Cusack’s best role in years, both in his performance and writing. 3/5*

#Buffaloed More proof that Zoey Deutch is not only adorable, but a leading lady who can hold down any film sent her way. The film itself is funny and clever, if uneven, and felt like it was two stories, each struggling for dominance. Still; it’s worth your time to watch. 2.5/5*

#TheOldGuard A fresh take on the superhero genre with some fantastic action sequences held down by a smoldering lead performance by Charlize Theron. The cast has cracking chemistry, with a star-making villainous turn from grown-up Harry Potter alum Harry Melling. 3.5/5*

#Greyhound As a procedural war story, it works well. The photography is stunning and well executed, and Tom Hanks is excellent as always (including as the writer on this one). I’d like to have seen stronger character development and a primer on how WW2 convoys work. 3/5*

#ThisIsWhereILeaveYou Ridiculously fantastic cast, cracking chemistry among the actors and a story that feels more real than many comedies. Yeah, it’s got a rom-com formula, it’s safe and doesn’t “break new ground”, but so what? It’s light but solid, enjoyable and fun. 3/5*

#Da5Bloods Seldom have I seen a film with so many different things going on work as well as this film. Spike Lee walks the line between thematically rich and muddled as well as any filmmaker, and never more so here. It never quite comes together, but that may be the point. 4/5*