3Q 2021 Twitter Film Reviews

Another batch of my twitter film reviews! (Patent pending). In a record month of reviews, we kick off with a couple of classics which yours truly has neglected to see before last month…

#HeavenCanWait Warren Beatty is charming as ever, and probably could’ve carried the film off by himself. But this one is packed full of sparkling performances and though the story is easy breezy, it does pack a little bit of a punch. 3/5*

#BriansSong Every bit the tearjerker that it was cracked up to be, and I can see how this inspired a whole generation of sports dramas. Billy Dee Williams and James Caan have remarkable chemistry. Would’ve been nice to take a harder look at the racial issues. 2.5/5*

#Venom The critics had it wrong on this one. Not that it’s brilliant (it isn’t), but there’s a lot of fun to be had here, with another amazing performance from Tom Hardy, who could not be more perfectly cast. Wish it would’ve delved deeper into the mental health aspect. 3/5*

#Goon Anyone who says Scott can’t act needs to watch his disarmingly charming and compelling performance. It’s an interesting take on a standard sports comedy and the harshness is interesting at first though it gets old, and you wish Doug had more of an arc by the end. 2.5/5*

#MyAllAmerican This is a compelling story, and Finn Wittrock deserves a ton of recognition for his earnest and terrific performance. The script needed some restructuring; felt like the first act dominated the film. Needed a deeper exploration of who Steinmark was. 2/5*

#Touchback A surprisingly affecting sports drama that mixes It’s a Wonderful Life with Friday Night Lights. The football scenes are well shot and compelling and the cast clearly has good chemistry. A bit overlong and doesn’t quite stick the landing. But enjoyable. 3/5*

#Worth It’s a hard story to tell, but this one just about threads the needle. It delves into the issues without making it boring, it hits hard without hitting too hard, and gives just enough emotion to remain compelling without going overboard, all with great performances. 3.5/5*

#Safety A feel-good sports drama on its surface, which is wrapped around a more intriguing tale of family, and what it takes to make one work. Jay Reeves’ charisma holds down every inch of the screen and while its structure is conventional, the emotion is quite real. 2.5/5*

#ShangChi A beautiful – and beautifully executed – film from start to finish. The visuals and choreography were stunning, elevating the film from its well-worn Marvel origin story roots. Simu Lu breaks out as a charismatic leading man, his chemistry with Awkwafina sparkles 3.5/5*

#Beckett Entertaining and Washington owns every bit of the screen, but the film isn’t quite sure if it’s a political statement or Die Hard on the run, and the tug-of-war pulls out some of the depth it could’ve had. Still though, it’s compelling and a hard-hitting ride. 2.5/5*

#FreeGuy The most fun I’ve had in a movie in quite some time. This one has a little bit of everything: Great action, wonderful special effects, solid performances, lots of humor and a compelling story with a bit of a message. Overall, a good-hearted, feel good film. 4/5*

#JoeBellMovie It’s tempting to write it off as formulaic, but the film has some surprising turns and off-beats. It’s painful, it’s honest and it challenges everyone to be better, especially it’s lead. Wahlberg has seldom been better; Reid Miller has a bright career ahead. 2.5/5*

#Respect The performances and of course the music lift this standard-issue biopic to greater heights than it might have otherwise found. Aretha’s story is compelling enough, far beyond the bounds of a 145 minute run time. Would’ve been better as a limited series. 3/5*

#CODA What a beautiful film this is, and what a breakout, star-making performance from relative newcomer Emilia Jones. A classically-crafted crowd pleaser with few surprises to be sure, but something for everyone to relate to, and so perfectly well executed. 3.5/5* (Note: Raised to 4/5*…this film sticks with you).

#TheSuicideSquad Completely ridiculous, over-the-top, gleefully violent, gory, funny and just downright entertaining. Love the risk-taking filmmaking here – has some of the most insane set pieces in history. A bit overlong – 20-25 minutes out of Act 2 would’ve done wonders. 4/5*

#TheVault A few missed opportunities, but more than enough tense and compelling heist fun to be had here, with a few surprises along the way as well. Nice to see Freddie Highmore in a different kind of role, and his chemistry with the cast paces the movie well. 2.5/5*

#TheGreenKnight I want to like it but I..didn’t. It’s slow. It’s depressing. It doesn’t really have a point or bring anything new to the conversation. The performances are terrific, it all looks wonderful and I’m sure there was a way to make this compelling. Disappointing. 1.5/5*

#DreamHorse I’m a sucker for a feel-good movies, sports movies and good character driven films, and this is all three rolled into one, anchored by great performances from Toni Collette and Damian Lewis. A tighter narrative would’ve allowed for more depth of character. 3/5*

#NineDays I walked into this knowing nothing. The first act was slow. But when it started to turn, my mouth started to drop. And when it all came together – just STUNNING. Etherial, evocative and yet still compelling, with a series of pitch-perfect performances. Must see. 4.5/5*

#RideTheEagle I love movies that traverse the line between comedy and drama as well as taking a well-worn genre and adding an off-beat twist. It’s funny, sweet and holds together just enough to keep you watching. Script needed another revision for more depth of character. 3/5*

#STILLWATER Praise for the performances all around: Matt Damon has never been better, and everyone on the screen more than kept pace with him. A compelling narrative that unfolds at a meditative pace make for a wonderfully told story with intelligent themes that surprise. 4/5*

#TheLastLetterFromYourLover This is a well-made film with wonderful photography and performances all around (though could’ve asked for more in the chemistry department between the actors). The narrative was engaging, wish it didn’t rely so much on coincidence. 2.5/5*

#FathersandDaughters Great performances from an all-star cast, well-executed photography and some interesting takes on compelling themes. Some may call it melodramatic, but I say it should’ve been a limited series. The story pieces just didn’t have enough room to breathe. 2.5/5*

#Old I love the concept; it’s ambitious and there’s a lot to be developed. Unfortunately, the execution is severely lacking. The dialogue is stiffer than the Star Wars prequels, the story turns and arcs are unearned, the cast had no chemistry and the photography scattershot. 1/5*

#Midsommar I’m late to the party on this one and I don’t usually dig on horror but…damn. This film is so well written, directed and acted that at no point did I feel its length (long) or pace (slowest of burns), just a mounting creepiness that was every bit of compelling. 4/5*

#TheFundamentalsofCaring Overly formulaic and every time it threatens to go into deeper meaning it pulls back. That said, I’m a sucker for these kind of films, and I enjoyed every minute. The eclectic cast is well matched, and the film gets every mile out of them. 2.5/5*

#BlackWidow I wish this had come out five years ago when this was set, and think it’ll go down as a major MCU mistake that it didn’t. I enjoyed the hell out of this film. Natasha’s backstory is personal, deep, layered, compelling and entertaining. Too much action though. 3.5/5*

#TheTomorrowWar More entertaining than I expected from the trailer. Chris Pratt has come into his own as a leading man, anchoring this movie well with the always compelling Strahovski. The story is messy but it’s all shot and put together well; enjoyed the hell out of it. 3/5*

#Stowaway The kind of pensive, character driven, beautifully shot sci-fi film we don’t see much of anymore. Anna Kendrick was fantastic. The third act was frustrating; most of the tension built up didn’t actually pay off, failing to answer the intriguing questions it asked. 3/5*

#Limbo A compelling and unique portrait of the refugee experience, this film gets under your skin and there with sharp writing, well executed photography, top-notch acting and most importantly, a lightness of touch that brings humor, depth and light to what could be dark. 4.5/5*

#NoSuddenMove Soderberg can spin a heist yarn, that’s for sure, and he makes the most of the all-star cast, while adding style to spare. What was surprising was the embedded political commentary; the more you think about it, the more you see. But why fish-eye lenses?? 3.5/5*