3Q Twitter Film Reviews

In my quarterly nod to the sit-com clip show, here’s a wrap-up on my Twitter reviews from the last three months.

#TheMagnificentSeven Every bit as fun as you think it is; great casting and chemistry. Fuqua delivers his usual fabulous photography. 2.5/4*

#TheLightBetweenOceans Fassbender/Vikander deliver amazing performances with sparkling chemistry (of course). Phenomenal photography. 2.5/4*

#Vacation Rivals Cousin Eddie’s Island Adventure for worst entry in Vacation franchise. Felt bad for the actors; SO forced. 1/4*

#Sully is a deeply moving, well-crafted and executed film. Hanks and Eckhart both deliver powerful, yet understated, performances. 3.5/4*

#MeBeforeYou Clarke and Clafin’s sparkling chemistry makes up for the film’s flaws. Needs more depth, esp on the darker subject. 2.5/4*

#HellOrHighWater Some of the best characters I’ve seen in an original film in quite some time. Great story,pacing,photography. Must see 4/4*

#JasonBourne: Serviceable, but the lack of background makes the emotional buy-in difficult. Doesn’t dig into its themes deep enough. 2/4*

#StarTrekBeyond Phenomenal visuals/photography. Crew chemistry solid. Too fast; story doesn’t breathe;editing too tight. Forgettable. 2.5/4*

#CaptainFantastic Compelling story & terrific performances by all, esp. kids. Good balance between idealism & realism. Derails at end. 3/4*

#FreeStateOfJones: Solid performances and a compelling story. Wrong medium to tell it; should have been a deeper dive as a miniseries. 2/4*

#XMenApocalypse X-Men/Mummy mashup. Entertaining & fun but generic script wastes talent of cast, who aren’t on the top of their games 2.5/4*

Programming note: I’ll be traveling for most of the month, so my blogging will be irregular. I’ll check in with photos and maybe some stories from my trip, and be back with my regular Monday posts starting October 31.