4Q 2019 Twitter Film Reviews

My final clip show for 2019; check out some of the films from the fall!

#1917Movie is a cinematic achievement equal or better than many of the best films of the decade. Deakins’ photography is stunning & Mendes’ balls-to-the-wall direction finds time for true human moments amongst the action and explosions. An absolute must see in the theaters. 5/5*

#LittleWomen The non-linear telling injects life and urgency into the narrative, which rides on the chemistry of its incredibly talented cast, all performing at the top of their respective games. The photography is beautiful, of course. Unearned final moments…on purpose? 4.5/5*

#ABeautifulDayInTheNeighborhood could’ve been schmaltzy or an exercise in melodrama. But it’s done so well and with such a light, yet confident touch that it makes its predictable lessons inspirations. Hanks delivers a nuanced, transformative, Oscar worthy performance. 4.5/5*

#Bombshell is an entertaining film about a hugely important story and subject, that has a hard time digging beyond the surface. Great performances from its three leads, solid pacing throughout and gives just enough of a punch to add some social context. 3/5*

#WheredYouGoBernadette has its charms, and great work from a talented cast. The story itself needs more work, a better spine, to work from. It’s got the pieces, but nothing to really hold it together in the center. The result is a middling, enjoyable, forgettable film. 2.5/5*

#StarWarsRiseofSkywalker is a serviceable and entertaining, if not particularly original or groundbreaking, ending to the saga. As of yet, there has not been a great Star Wars film. I’m hoping that with a blank slate, we’ll see greatness in the next @rianjohnson trilogy. 3/5*

#KnivesOut Ana de Armas absolutely kills it (geddit?) as the true lead here, holding her own with an all-star cast at the top of their respective games. Rian Johnson delivers an entertaining thrill-edy, with enough twists and turns to keep us surprised along the way. 4.5/5*

#TheLighthouse is nothing if not unique. The stark black & white photography is stunning & almost a character itself. Dafoe is brilliant, but Pattinson is the revelation, clearly putting Twilight in his rear view with a nuanced yet brazen turn. Story overlong and too slow. 3.5/5*

#FORDvFERRARI A welcome return to form for Matt Damon, and another fabulous performance from Christian Bale. Their chemistry is fantastic in a film that has great story, terrific photography and confident direction from Mangold. 1st act too long; other parts moved too fast. 4/5*

#ElCamino A welcome and fitting epilogue to the Breaking Bad saga – brutal, harsh, but with a beating heart. Aaron Paul owns the screen, delivering a transformative performance as Jesse Pinkman in multiple incarnations. Fantastic photography. 3.5/5*

#TheIrishman more than earns its 3.5 hour run time. It takes a while to find its grove, but once it does, it glides. In many ways, it’s Forrest Gump meets Goodfellas, and it’ll go down as a masterpiece of crime history cinema for Scorsese. Pesci & Pacino especially amaze. 4.5/5*

#JojoRabbit Wonderful satire with both eyes firmly fixed on the world in 2019. The acting across the board is stellar, the kids have wonderful chemistry. Ascetically feels like a Wes Anderson film. Though compelling, oddly felt a little safe and slight, given its premise. 3.5/5*

#ZombielandDoubleTap is not as fresh or even as coherent as the original, but has its own crazy and fun vibe while staying true to the universe they’re created. The chemistry of the cast comes through on every frame. Keep an eye out for the bad ass oner in the middle. 2.5/5*

#Joker is a brilliant film, all the way around. Phoenix puts on a masterclass in acting, delving deeper into the madman than anyone before. Phillips steps up huge as a director, delivering a confident, stylish film. Can’t wait to see The Batman and how this plays into it. 5/5*

#TheBookshop A slow burn with some compelling characters and terrific performances from its leads. Odd combination of sweet and strange that somehow balances just right. Third act needed some help; the end works, but the lead have been more active in the resolution. 2.5/5*

#DowntonAbbey It is as it was…but faster & less layered. I enjoyed each of the narratives & of course the return to the show overall, but there was far too much story here to play out over 2 hours. This should’ve been a whole season. I want to see them in the Blitz next. 3.5/5*