4Q Twitter Film Reviews

Back after the #HolidayHangover with this blog’s version of a clip show. Had a bit of shift in the Twitter philosophy in November when the number of characters doubled. It’s been nice, actually, to at least cover the bases on story, acting and photography. Hard to do in 140.

#MollysGame is Sorkin at his most Sorkinesque, which is always a good thing. The dialogue flows like music, the story is compelling, though 20 minutes too long in the middle. @jes_chastain is just amazing, with one of the best performances in any medium by anyone in years. 4.5/5*

#TheGreatestShowman You’ve seen this story before, and you’ve seen it written much, much better. But you haven’t seen the all-in, earnest performances with the inspiring music, amazing choreography and beautiful photography. The end result is a fantastic show indeed. 3/5*

#TheLastJedi is fantastic from top to bottom. Imperfect, yes. I’d change some things if it were me. But the story works overall from top to bottom with great character arcs that build to a truly earned emotional grand finale. The best visuals of the series. Ridley impresses. 4/5*

#LadyBird Seldom do I ever say this, but the pacing and editing absolutely made this film. Where your standard coming of age story might ruminate on each point, LB efficiently dealt and dispatched, allowing its titular character to learn and grow from the cumulation. 4/5*

#ThreeBillboardsOutsideEbbingMissouri is the blackest comedy I’ve seen in years, but also has shades of the underside of humanity, and the balance between the two makes the story funny, compelling and feel real all at the same time. McDormand and Rockwell are fabulous. 4.5/5*

#ThorRagnarok is the best @Marvel film since GotG 1. Fresh, funny, great visuals and fabulous battle scenes. It really raises the bar for Marvel at a time that DC needs a complete reset. Wish they’d have kept @TaikaWaititi’s original run time of 105 minutes – drags a bit. 3.5/5*

#JusticeLeague Pardon the pun but the bland script just doesn’t do these characters justice. WB seems so intent on catching up with Marvel that they just jam-pack these films with hours and hours of story, then slice them down and push them out. Entertaining, but that’s all. 2/5*

#MurderOnTheOrientExpress has style to spare. It looks and feels every bit the part of a high-class Agatha Christie murder mystery. The pacing is languid, however, and the all-star cast feels somewhat wasted in cutout roles. Comes up empty in the end. 2/5*

#TheBeguiled is a beautiful film visually; filled with impressive images. Wonderful performances by all; Farrell and Dunst, in particular, were fantastic. Story compelling, but ultimately feels empty. Perhaps intentionally? Not sure. 2.5/5*

#Suburbicon is surprisingly relevant & interesting. The premise wears thin (should have been 90 minutes and structured differently). 2.5/5*

#Marshall is one of the best and more realistic courtrooms dramas in years, with terrific performances from Boseman, Gad and Brown. 3.5/5*

#BladeRunner2049 exceeds the original in every way. Gosling is fantastic, the story thought provoking and the photography is STUNNING. 4/5*

#AmericanMade Cruise has never been better, and the film shifts seamlessly between its comedic and dark tones. Needed more depth. 3/5*

#TheBigSick Makes me believe in rom-coms again. Funny without being forced, heart without sappiness and even surprises along the way. 4/5*

#YouthInOregon Great performances all around and an interesting main story that gets flubbed in the end. Script needed more work. 2.5/5*