4Q Twitter Film Reviews

I’ll be back next week with more of your regularly scheduled bloggy-type stuff, but for now, here’s my Twitter film reviews for the fourth quarter of 2015. Hope you all had a great holiday!

#Joy: At times fascinating & frustrating. At its best, compelling with a powerhouse performance from Lawrence. Overlong, lacks focus. 3/4*

#Legend: Tom Hardy is AMAZING; style and photography almost as good. No story at all; film a series of loosely connected vignettes. 2/4*

#StarWarsTheForceAwakens: The best developed characters and story of the series. Daisy Ridley is a rock star. Can’t wait for VIII. 3/4*

#TheHatefulEight: Everything you’d expect from a Tarantino western: Lots of violence, dialogue and character driven. See it in 70. 3/4*

#Creed: Visually stunning and a calling-card performance for Jordan. Franchise fresh start. Story solid, but choppy at times. 3/4*

#TheDanishGirl: Compelling story, terrific performances & beautiful cinematography. Lags a bit; might have been better focused on Gerda 3/4*

#TheHungerGames: (pt4) Stilted, forced,clunky. Strong themes underdeveloped in favor of on-the-nose melodrama. Love books. Film: a mutt 1/4*

#WomaninGold: Compelling story & a terrific performance from Mirren. Clunky script and pacing; needed a different & tighter structure. 2/4*

#Brooklyn: Wonderful characters and themes. Slow burn story and development; need a good attention span to enjoy. Great performances. 3.5/4*

#Spotlight: Solid all around. Compelling story, terrific cast. Would like to know more about the main characters; pacing needed work. 3/4*

#Trumbo: Timely, well-acted & satisfying. Cranston terrific; not a sign of W. White here. Narrative slightly slack, lacks dramatic heft 3/4*

#BridgeOfSpies: Well crafted, acted and told. Real life spy story timely; “every life matters”. Terrific cinematography. 3.5/4*

#TheLeisureClass: Great performances and everything looked beautiful – the filming, the sets…but not near enough meat on its bones. 1/4*

#ExMachina: The existential questions it poses alone… Both inspires to write & makes me want to quit b/c I’ll never be that good. 4/4*

#CrimsonPeak: Visually stunning with solid performances. Story has more holes than threads; dialogue laughably expository at times. 1/4*

#PaperTowns: Biased b/c I’m a fan of the book, but imported the first half of the story without bringing heft, then rushed the ending 1.5/4*

#Southpaw Fantastic performances. Story needed work; too extreme, too quick. Flawed premise; needed more depth. Second half better. 2/4*

#TheTruth: Reveals a version of the US that people may not be ready to hear or understand. Hits its stride in the second half. 3.5/4*

#SteveJobs: F-ing brilliant. Everything about it; top to bottom. Writing, directing, acting…just brilliant. 4/4*