Action Christmas Films

I understand that if you watch the Hallmark Channel, you can see all kinds of Christmas movies starting just after Halloween. These films are completely non-threatening, the stakes low, everyone drinks a lot of cocoa, and everything comes out all right in the end.

To be honest, I enjoy films like this (though I seldom make my way to the Hallmark Channel for whatever reason), especially around Christmas. It really does help set the mood.

But…sometimes you just wanna see some shit blow up, amirite?

So if you’re looking to beat the holiday schmaltz with some good action flicks, but want to remain seasonally appropriate, check out these flicks (many of which are written by Shane Black, the master of Christmas action).

And YES – THESE ARE CHRISTMAS FILMS. I’m not going to bother with the Is-Die-Hard-A-Christmas-Film argument again – I did that a couple of years ago with science. Not for nothing, but there’s two type of people in the world – (1) Those who believe Die Hard is a Christmas film, and (2) Those who are wrong.

In no particular order…

Iron Man 3

The Long Kiss Goodnight

Lethal Weapon

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Die Hard

Die Hard 2