Wrapping up my travelogue from October with the last portion of our European adventure. We drove south out of Bordeaux and over the Pyrenees mountains, then across Spain to Barcelona. One of the striking things about the trip – and unfortunately due to the nasty weather, I have no pictures – is how different the scenery was in the Iberian Peninsula. It seemed a lot more like the Great Plains in US, maybe South Dakota, than the rest of Europe we had seen to that point.

Barcelona is an amazing city. Starting off as a Roman outpost before the birth of Christ, each conquering civilization, kingdom and empire seemed to put their stamp on the city, growing it into the melting pot of civilizations that it is today. Very seldom have I seen a city so full of life – there was something around every corner that was different from the street before. Street fairs, architecture, a ton of cafes, museums – could easily spend a week there and only see a small percentage of what the city has to offer.

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