Can’t Hardly Wait…Have You Seen This Cast?

I loved this movie when I was in college. Being something of a high school geek, I was always a sucker for the (spoiler alert – BTW, I hate this term) geek gets the girl movies, and this happens a couple of times throughout.

So after finishing up watching Person of Interest off the DVR with the wife tonight (which, if you haven’t seen it, is very good), we came in about halfway through and of course I had to finish it. She hadn’t seen it, and though I hadn’t seen the movie in the better part of a decade, I still remembered the basic plot lines.

But what I simply couldn’t get over was the cast! While lacking in the overall big names of the similar and far superior Dazed and Confused, the vast majority of those receiving significant screen time in this film are actually still working. Being something of a film nerd myself, I think I annoyed the crap out of my wife by pointing out some random actor scene by scene and reciting two or three future film credits off the top of my head (my head is full of some seriously useless shit).

Anyway, judge for yourself below. By my count, you have three who later had roles on 24, three who were on Six Feet Under (including Claire Fisher herself, Lauren Ambrose), two from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Scrubs, My Name is Earl, American Pie, plus a whole bunch of random cameos (Jerry O’Connell, Jenna Elfman) and of course…Jason Segal!

Jennifer Love Hewitt … Amanda Beckett
Ethan Embry … Preston Meyers
Lauren Ambrose … Denise Fleming
Peter Facinelli … Mike Dexter
Seth Green … Kenny Fisher
Erik Palladino … Cousin Ron
Freddy Rodríguez … Jock #3 (as Freddy Rodriguez)
Donald Faison … Drummer
Jaime Pressly … Girlfriend #1 (as Jamie Pressly)
Chris Owen … Klepto Kid
Vicellous Reon Shannon … Reddi Whip Kid (as Vicellous Shannon)
Marisol Nichols … Groupie
Jason Segel … Watermelon Guy
Clea DuVall … Jana (as Clea Duvall)
Meadow Sisto … Hippie Girl
Eric Balfour … Hippie Guy
Selma Blair … Girl Mike Hits On #1
Amber Benson … Stoned Girl (scenes deleted)
Jenna Elfman … The Angel (uncredited)
Melissa Joan Hart … Yearbook Girl (uncredited)
Breckin Meyer … Lead Singer (uncredited)
Jerry O’Connell … Trip McNeely (uncredited)