Catching Up on my Twitter Film Reviews

After three weeks off and one travel post, I completely blanked this week on a good topic for a new article. Eventually, I’ll do a post about the shooting of my new short film Served Cold, but I’m holding off until the film’s release in June. In the meantime, here’s a list of films I’ve seen since the new year.

#Furious7: Exactly what you think it is: a lot of fun, things blown up and a beautiful tribute to Paul Walker (RIP). 3/4*

#Focus: Great chemistry among the leads and smooth pacing make for a fun film, despite the flaws in the narrative. 3/4*

#Exodus: Visually stunning but a mish-mash of storytelling. Too fast when it should linger and lingers when it needs to ramp up. 2/4.

#Tracks: Deeply affecting and beautiful film. Some of the best cinematography of the last few years. Wasikowska is terrific. 3.5/4*

#RunAllNight: Some cool shots; Neeson and Kinnaman have some good chemistry. Plot is a bit convoluted, but still a solid B-action film. 3/4*

#TheSecondBestExoticMarigoldHotel: Half the plot of the first, but with this much charisma and fun from the actors, who cares? 2.5/4*

#Kingsman: A subversive spy parody with more style in 10 seconds than all of the Austin Powers films. A heck of a lot of fun. 3/4*

#McFarlandUSA: Everything you want an inspiring and feel-good sports film to be. Good acting all around, and a great story. 3/4*

#TheRewrite: Didn’t realized how much I missed Hugh Grant comedies. Likeable, sweet and fun enough to gloss over its flaws. 3/4*

#AMostViolentYear Good performances and solid cinematography. Story needed a little work; just a bit too loose. Interesting film. 3/4*

#JupiterAscending: Great concept, amazing visuals. Story felt like the first draft of a script. Muddled doesn’t begin to cover it. 2/4*

#TheHomesman: Beautiful photography, absorbing characters and story…up until the end. It’s not that it ends badly, just gets odd. 2.5/4*

#AmericanSniper: Deeply moving and affecting film. Cooper should win #Oscar. Do not get those who say it is pro war. It’s pro solider. 4/4*

#GoodbyeToAllThat: Prefers shock comedy to true moments. Strange acting choices for the lead. 5 min of Togetherness has more insight. 1.5/4*

#StillAlice: Julianne Moore IS this year’s best actress. Soulful and sad #film, hits all the right notes going down. 3.5/4*

#InherentVice wants to be Hunter S Thompson meets the Coen Bros, but has neither coherence nor insight. Phoenix is terrific though. 1/4*

#TwoDaysOneNight: The subtlety, which really makes this movie sing, will be lost on most #film-goers. Cotillard terrific (as always). 3/4*

#Laggies: Predictable but good-hearted, and the talent makes the story work. Throughly enjoyable. 3/4*

#Foxcatcher: Performances and directing drive an otherwise odd and unsettling story. Would have benefited from a different structure. 3/4*

#Selma: Powerful, inspirational and chock-full of terrific performances. A bit of a slow start & needed a little contextual push. 3.5/4*

#ImitationGame: Cumberbatch turns in a stunning performance in an otherwise taut, terrific and (ultimately) sad story. Knightly shines. 4/4*

#Horns: Radcliffe carries the middling film, which shifts its tone between comedy and horror pretty well. Plot twist unsurprising. 2.5/4*

#IntoTheWoods: A clever idea that wears off as the film progresses. Story leaves you feeling empty, despite great performances. 2.5/4*

#TheJudge: Decent, if highly predictable & somewhat plodding & cliched story. Top performances all around. Beautiful cinematography. 2.5/4*

#GetOnUp: Chadwick Boseman needs to be in more movies. Story lacking; plays more like a collection of moments than a cohesive story. 2.5/4*