China Part Three: Up the Yangtze River

To only post 22 pictures from our four day cruise of the Yangtze River in China is a bit of a disservice to the area. It’s remote, beautiful and pretty much the best and only way to access in-country China for a foreigner. However, in the four days we were on the river, the sun didn’t come out once. A perpetual haze lay over the river and its banks, which made for a very cool and mystical vibe, but doesn’t do shit to help you take a decent picture.

It’s also perhaps the humidist (is that a word?) place on earth. I don’t think I was properly dry for days, nor were my clothes dry for days afterwards.

We started our voyage in Yichang, a city of “only” six million people, according to our guide. We floated for four days, making stops at the Tribes of the Three Gorges, the Three Gorges Dam, the ghost city of Fengdu and finally ending up in Chongqing.

Our ride, the Victoria Anna:


The Tribe of the Three Gorges:

Yangtze-1 Yangtze-2 Yangtze-3 Yangtze-4 Yangtze-5 Yangtze-6

Then we hopped out to check out the Three Gorges Dam at Sandouping, which was a sleepy town up until they decided to build the largest dam project in the world there.


Then we sailed through the locks in the dam. We went through five overnight, jumping us up a few hundred feet over the top of the dam itself.


Then further up the river we went…
Yangtze-10 Yangtze-11 Yangtze-12

On our last full day, we rolled through the ghost city of Fengdu, a significant series of shrines, temples and monasteries. Rather than trying to sum things up, if you’re really interested, check out the Wikipedia page. Spoiler alert: it’s home to the Gates of Hell. And I went through it…after climbing almost 500 steps to get there (isn’t it supposed to be down?).

Yangtze-13 Yangtze-14 Yangtze-15 Yangtze-16 Yangtze-17 Yangtze-18 Yangtze-19 Yangtze-20

We wrapped up in Chongqing, and bolted across town to make our flight to Lhasa, Tibet. Back with that in a couple of days.