Clip Show: Six Months of Twitter Film Reviews

In the blog equivalent of a clip show, here’s a listing of (most) of the films I saw for the first time in the last few months. This is because (1) I’m still editing my short film and most of my time is going to that and (2) I’m planning to roll out some original fiction over the next few weeks here, but haven’t got it done and ready to go yet.

So, instead, here’s a catch-up on my 140 character Twitter film reviews. I could have alphabetized them, but didn’t really feel like it…so, yeah, enjoy! 🙂

#XmenDaysOfFuturePast: Sleek, stylish w/great performances. Moves TOO fast; some parts needed to breathe. Great fun, yet also smart. 3/4*

#Godzilla: Enjoyable popcorn fare; like the new twist on the old story. Good performances. Overlong; needed to be 20 minutes shorter. 2.5/4*

#Chef: Throughly delightful #film. Actor/Dir./Writer Favreau’s personal story about finding joy at work. Pace should be a touch faster. 3/4*

#MillionDollarArm: Throughly enjoyable #film, even though you know where’s going. Hamm proves he’s more than Don Draper. Great story. 3/4*

#DraftDay: Tense and fun 2nd half ALMOST makes up for languishing first half. Dialogue needed punching up from Aaron Sorkin. 2.5/4*

#GrudgeMatch: Occasionally funny, but largely plodding and disconnected. Solid performances from the cast. 1.5/4*

#CaptainAmerica: Love the post 9-11 story the Marvel Phase 2 movies have done (except Thor 2, which sucked). Overlong; fully enjoyable. 3/4*

#WalterMitty: Visually stunning; anyone who loves #photography needs to see it. Story never quite lives up to potential. 2.5/4*

#Noah: Aronofsky never fails to deliver an interesting & impactful #film. Great performances, esp. Crowe & Watson; stunning visuals. 3/4*

#BadWords: Fun story & great performances by Bateman & his young sidekick. Funny; but not over the top. Bateman’s directing impresses. 3/4*

#GrandBudapestHotel: Either you like Wes Anderson or not. This one was almost a bit too cutesy, the quirk overwhelming, but enjoyable. 3/4*

#LoneSurvivor: Mixes spare score & thoughtful visuals with solid screenplay & thrilling action. Act 3 lags, Wahlberg good but not a fit 3/4*

#MonumentsMen: Awful #film. Poorly written, poorly paced, no story, poor use of talent. Seldom do I say this..I want my 2 hours back. 0.5/4*

#JackRyan: Largely well done thriller & good 1st step to rebooting character. Pine’s a favorite; took some time but settled in the role 3/4*

#InsideLlewynDavis: Great music, pitch-perfect performances and an incredibly thought-provoking ending. This one marinates for a bit. 3.5/4*

#TheHobbit: Pt.2 surpasses Pt.1; story still too thin. Jackson’s directing great as usual; Lilly a standout. Smaug sequence terrific. 2.5/4*

#FruitvaleStation: One of the most powerful films of the last decade. Deeply moving, executed to near perfection. Best pic nom coming! 4/4* (spoiler alert: The Academy whiffed on this).