Dear Pepco…A Love Letter

Dear Pepco,

Thank you very much for stopping by to check out my power outage this morning after close to 60 hours of heat and darkness. I especially appreciate the way you spent less than 30 minutes on-site, left, promptly added two days to my estimated restoration date and returned the status to “Outage Due to Current Weather”, as if I somehow missed that storm last Friday night. Though my power will no doubt be out for several more days, I am looking forward to receiving my next, no doubt higher, bill with the enclosed added fee for a “long term outage”, as if I had requested to lose power for over a week in 100 degree weather.

Nor am I expecting any compensation due to my loss of business as I have a home office, the relatively large amount of food which has no doubt spoiled in my refrigerator and the overall annoyance and time I have lost due to your, to put it nicely, complete incompetence and lack of any human decency.

If I can find any way to somehow end your monopoly or otherwise screw you in the future, count on it.