Does Apple Have a Leadership Problem After Today’s Bungled 4S Presser?

Boy, did Steve Jobs hand his hand-chosen successor Tim Cook a bag of flaming dog crap. With rumors rampant for months that Apple would announce its 5th generation iPhone today, Cook took the stage and instead handed the world an interesting looking update…but nothing new, much to the consternation of geeks and technophiles everywhere.

Jobs resigned a few weeks ago due to health issues. As the heart and soul of Apple, now the world’s most valuable company, it always fell to Jobs to make these announcements, which would almost invariably light up the internet and Apple’s stock price.

However, today’s announcement went over like a lead balloon, and that’s as much Jobs’ fault as anyone’s. The super-secret Apple did nothing to quash the rumors that the new iPhone 5 would be announced today, and then simply unveiled a revamped version of the current 4th generation model. Jobs simply had to have known the effect that a 4s model rather than a brand-new 5 would have after the months of speculation.

Apple’s stock price tumbled after the news became public, further undermining the new leadership at Apple. But what does the future hold for this tech giant? Hard to say, as today’s announcement should rank up there with Netflix on the list of poor product PR disasters in 2011.