Doug Richardson’s Blog on Screenwriting & More

Doug Richardson is the master of the cliffhangers. Which can really piss you off at times. But that’s only because his blog is that good, and you don’t want to wait a week to read the ending.

Doug has been in the screenwriting business for years, and unlike a lot of the so-called industry experts out there, has actually written films you’ve heard of. Die Hard 2? Bad Boys? Yeah, those were Doug. Those and many others, and that doesn’t count his four published novels.

Or his blog, which is what I’m really talking about here. As someone looking to potentially get into filmmaking and screenwriting, his blog provides me a weekly dose of reality, laced with knowledge and a heaping side of humor.

Here’s three of my favorite pieces from Doug’s blog:

“What it Takes”
A story about a friend of Doug’s who came up with multiple creative angles to get a producer’s attention.

“You’re Fired”
A reminder (or a heads-up, if you’ve never done it) about how to fire someone with dignity, both for you and them.

“My True Romance with Tony Scott”
A great personal story about the late director Tony Scott, one of my favorite directors.

Doug’s blog on screenwriting, the film business and life in general hits weekly, usually late Monday, though you can get an email reminder that will find its way to your inbox Tuesday around 10am on the right coast. It can be found here.