Top 100 Favorite Films

Editor’s Note: I thought for a while about what to write for my 350th post, and I chose this. Okay, that’s a lie. I wrote this long before I realized it was my 350th. Ah well – still a good choice, even if I didn’t choose it.

Even for the most casual film-goer, making a list of favorite films is incredibly difficult. There’s always one you’ll forget, you feel pressured to put together a list of the “classics”, and so on.

For me, there’s always been a distinguishing difference between a “great” film, and a “favorite” one. For instance, a “great” film list would include films such as The Godfather, Rear Window and Casablanca. They’re all great films and ones that I throughly enjoy, but certainly aren’t up there on my “favorites” list.

A favorite, to draw the distinction, is one that I feel the need to continually watch over and over because I enjoy them so much, either for their story, characters or sometimes analytically for their structure and photography. Maybe there’s a few on the list that you think are trash or don’t care for, but hey, it’s my list, so back off.

I almost definetely forgot one or two that’ll make me face-palm down the line, too.

I tried doing this by genre, but the whole thing got so over-bloated and difficult to manage that I just decided to turn it into a top 100 list. Presented without comment (other than what’s above), because it’d just take too long. Maybe I’ll come back to these down the line.

100 Serenity
99 Stripes
98 About Time
97 Cool Runnings
96 Green Street Hooligans
95 Seven
94 The Air Up There
93 The Way Way Back
92 Air America
91 Snatch
90 Die Hard
89 The Three Amigos
88 War Games
87 Joe vs. the Volcano
86 School Ties
85 Gone in 60 Seconds
84 Clerks
83 Spies Like Us
82 Pushing Tin
81 Seven Years in Tibet
80 28 Days Later
79 The Breakfast Club
78 Necessary Roughness
77 Three Kings
76 Everybody Wants Some!
75 National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
74 Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
73 My Fellow Americans
72 The Big Short
71 The Boys are Back
70 A River Runs Through It
69 Before Sunrise
68 Fight Club
67 Inglorious Basterds
66 Moneyball
65 The Blues Brothers
64 Little Miss Sunshine
63 Lost in Translation
62 The Bourne Idenity
61 The Truman Show
60 Margin Call
59 Out of Sight
58 Father of the Bride
57 Wind
56 Before Midnight
55 Star Trek (2009)
54 Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol
53 Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
52 The American President
51 The Replacements
50 Sahara
49 Independence Day
48 Big Trouble
47 Lord of War
46 Captain Ron
45 Sleepless in Seattle
44 City Slickers
43 PCU
42 Wimbledon
41 Hollywood Homicide
40 Begin Again
39 The Beach
38 Unstoppable
37 The Next Three Days
36 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
35 Indian Summer
34 The Score
33 Major League
32 The Darjeeling Limited
31 Back to the Future
30 Into the Wild
29 Nobody’s Fool
28 Lord of the Rings Trilogy (it’s one movie, really)
27 The A-Team
26 Tombstone
25 Wonder Boys
24 Charlie Wilson’s War
23 Man on Fire
22 Pulp Fiction
21 The Dark Knight
20 Bottle Shock
19 Batman Begins
18 The Way
17 Ocean’s 11
16 A Good Year
15 Jurassic Park
14 Slumdog Millionaire
13 Hell or High Water
12 Inception
11 Interstellar
10 The Motorcycle Diaries
9 Spy Game
8 Sideways
7 A Knight’s Tale
6 The Big Chill
5 Grosse Point Blank
4 The Paper
3 Stand by Me
2 Dazed and Confused
1 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid