One of the great things about having your own blog is writing can be a form of therapy. And if you spend a fair amount of time working on and reading from the Internet, you wind up having a lot to complain about. Even if it is all #FirstWorldProblems.

“You’re doing it wrong”
Boiling eggs, eating eggs, pealing eggs, cracking eggs, making scrambled eggs, buying eggs, throwing away eggs, sucking eggs…and these are just egg-related pieces (okay, I made up the sucking eggs one). At least twice a day, an article about things I’m doing wrong finds its way onto my Facebook newsfeed. According to the Internet, everything we do every day, we’re doing wrong and someone’s doing it better. Well shit, I already knew that…I thought that’s what alcohol’s for?

On this same note – everything is now a hack. We no longer have tips, tricks, short cuts, thought processes, workarounds, jerry-rigging or anything else. We have hacks. Kitchen hacks, cooking hacks, dressing hacks, shower hacks, construction hacks – and so on. Do I need to point out the irony of using the word “hack” in a poorly written article? I saw one so-called “hack” where they advertised keeping things out of sight. So the person dug a hole in their yard and buried them! Wow…what a revelation!

My Side is Better Than Your Side
Last month the Supreme Court made rulings on two highly controversial issues: Obamacare and Gay Marriage. Both rulings were celebrated by liberals…many of whom took to social media to slam it in the face of their conservative friends. Look, I’m not sure when we started treating politics and the agenda of the American people as a team sport, but it seems to me we can do without this constant my side is better than your side bullshit.

The 10 Worst…
There’s a lot of hatred on the Internet, and much of it comes in the form of Top 10 lists. These articles are big click-baits – with attention grabbing headlines, they make you click through 10 different pages with a different series of ads to make their money. These are often something like the 10 worst Oscar dresses, or the 10 worst films this year, or the 10 ugliest people in Hollywood. They wouldn’t sell if people didn’t click, so I have to wonder – why do the 10 Worst sell better than the 10 Best?

Anonymous Commenting
Internet trolls are people who sit in their basements and use the commenting system on Facebook or other websites to rag on anything and everything, or just start fights for their own amusement. If that’s what they want to do, fine – but my guess is the vast majority of these people do this because they can unleash their hate without any repercussions. In my view, if you want to be an asshole, at least own it.

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