Five Future Fun Film Trailers

Four words that begin with F and then trailer at the end? Annoying alteration aside (see, I did it again), I really didn’t have much to post in this spot this week. So, instead, I decided to round up five trailers for films I’m looking forward to seeing in the coming weeks and months. I’m not going to comment too much; hopefully you’ll enjoy these trailers as much as I did.

Update: My SEO program is telling me I need to add some more words. Apparently 86 words were far too few and needed to be increased. I’m hoping this will do it. We’ll see.

Update #2: Apparently, we needed to add the word trailer again. Maybe once more? Trailer. There. Give me the green light, SEO. Thanks.


The Equalizer

Gone Girl

Dawn of Planet of the Apes

Kingsman: The Secret Service