Four Months of Twitter Film Reviews

Time for a clip show again (roundup of film reviews)! Between studying for the CSW exam (Certified Specialist of Wine), trying to duck a cold which continues to approach like an approaching storm cloud and visiting with family, I didn’t have time to create (or really have a good idea for, to be honest) a new original blog post this week.

I stuck mostly to the indie film circuit this summer; those of you who have read my blog over the last few weeks know that I didn’t think too much of this summer’s films. Hopefully there’s a few you can enjoy here; I know I did. If you haven’t hit the theater yet, definetely catch The Equalizer on the big screen. Antoine Fuqua puts on a clinic in stylish directing.

In chronological order (most recent first), here are my 140 character reviews on the films I’ve seen since I last did this in June.

#TheEqualizer: Antoine Fuqua puts on a stylish directing clinic in this one. Washington at the top of his game. Solid story. 3/4*.

#TheDrop: Fantastic performances all around. Subtle and taut script, well paced and artful direction. Has hollow notes, esp. in 3rd act 3/4*

#AMostWantedMan: Takes too long for the pieces to fit together, but when they do, the story sings. PSH terrific; ending surprises. 2.5/4*

#Lucy: Interesting and yet another great performance for ScarJo. Still overlong at 88 min; Freeman under-used. Needed more meat. 2.5/4*

#AmazingSpiderMan2: Fun, terrific effects & solid performances. Overrun with characters- need to learn the lessons from sequels past. 2.5/4*

#GuardiansOfTheGalaxy: The closest thing you’ll find to #Firefly anymore. Great action but better characters and humor. A little long. 3/4*

#100FootJourney: Sweet, light and fun. Good performances. Terrific scenery. Script needed a little tightening. Throughly enjoyable. 3/4*

#Locke: Cinematography and writing aide Hardy in keeping this one scene/man #film surprisingly compelling. Needed just a little more. 3/4*

#DawnofApes: Brilliant, beautiful and moving. Great story, characters and stunning visuals. And @andyserkis – give this man an Oscar! 3.5/4*

#MagicintheMoonlight: Terrific music, cars & scenery. That’s about it though. Dialogue is so on the nose the film feels like an outline 1/4*

#Boyhood: Linklater pulls off a miracle here. 12 years appear seamless, untrained actors are Oscar-worthy. Filmmaking at its best 4/4* #film

#Snowpiercer: Fantastic first hour, drags in second. Best performance I’ve seen from Evans. Ambitious story, love the cinematography. 2.5/4*

#BeginAgain: Everything you want feel good #film (and #music) to be. Fun, engaging – & who knew Keira Knightly could sing like that! 3.5/4*

#TheyCameTogether: One-joke comedy which substitutes cheap laughs and cuteness for good story. Stretched thin before end of first act. 1/4*

#TheFaultInOurStars: Just as much a tear-jerker as the book. Shailene Woodley & A. Elogort have sparking chemistry. Pacing needed work. 3/4*

#ALongWayDown: Just like the book: compelling characters and terrific dark humor with a touch of sweetness. Loved the cinematography. 3/4*

#EdgeofTomorrow: Thrilling, funny, smart and original. Tom Cruise never disappoints; Emily Blunt terrific as action heroine. 3/4*