Hello, and welcome to my blog.

Hi; my name is Jack Gorman. I’ll spare you the “getting to know you” stuff, as you’ve likely come through my website at www.jackgorman.com to get here. If you haven’t and you’re interested, start there.

So, this blog. The internet has ushered in the area of specialization; there’s blogs out there on specific positions of minor league football teams that start with the letter Q. Let me save you the mystery: this isn’t one of them. I’ve tried to write those before, but frankly they get boring, and like a daily newspaper, a blog is pointless unless you update it at least semi-periodically.

Therefore, this blog will be about things that catch my interest. I like sports, particularly football. I like movies, television and books. I’ve lived in and around the Washington DC area for most of my life, so I have a natural interest in politics. And you’ll probably see a few other things as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read. Feel free to reply, comment, question or even tell me I’m flat out wrong. One thing I will not tolerate on my blog though is disrespectful or personally disparaging comments. Those, along with any extreme profanity, threats or anything I deem to just plain suck will be removed.