iPhone 4S: Initial Impressions from a Former Droider

So I’d have probably gotten an iPhone sooner, but AT&T is a crappy network (as I’m writing this, I’m watching “How to Make it in America” with thugs making a Verizon/AT&T joke). When they launched the iPhone on Verizon, I had a perfectly good Droid, so ignored again.

But this week, my Droid had multiple fails: on/off switch breaks, touchscreen goes randomly bat-shit, speakerphone feedback and no Bluetooth audio. But the craziest deal, and I’ve never seen tech do this before, was when the phone was sitting on a table in the middle of a meeting. No one called it, no one touched it, and it just started spewing static at top volume to the entire room.

So, long story short, the Droid (original) had to go.

I’ve been long into the iPhone, simply for the efficiency of it: I’ve had an iPod for years and wanted to be able to carry just one item that covered all of my handheld needs (okay, that sounds gross). It’s just my bad luck that the new 4S was coming out Friday, and my dumb, sick ass had to go stand in line to get one this morning. Couldn’t pre-order it (the Droid had to last past the time the pre-orders ran out), and couldn’t wait the two weeks for the new orders to come in. So that was fun.

Anyway, I’ve got a half-dozen email addresses, 16 GB on iTunes and about a dozen apps I use on a regular basis (yeah, I’m a geek. We’ve covered this before). So it took me a while to get the whole thing up and running, and I haven’t messed around with it much since (okay, that sounds gross). But here’s my thoughts:

1. It’s fast. The apps load a lot faster, and also seem to download a bit faster.
2. The email support is good, but takes some setup (search “gmail push iphone” for instructions). The Gmail and Yahoo apps on the Droid were more user friendly (I hated the general box on the Droid, never used it). Gmail was particularly good, especially if you were using the IMAP. Though this is to be expected, since Droid is a Google software. One plus: iPhone doesn’t require you use the STUPID conversation feature.
3. I will miss the notification light from the Droid, which the iPod doesn’t have. It was nice to know if there was anything waiting on you without waking up the phone. On the plus side: no stupid light mocking me when wake up to take a 3am piss. Too many times I’d be too curious and have to look at some stupid piece of junk mail.
4. I wish the iPhone had a menu where the apps were stored. I like me a clean desktop. This isn’t really a big deal.
5. LOVE that there’s a switch on the side to flip the phone into silent. No way you can accidentally push the ringer back on while it’s in your pocket.
6. iPhone is a smoother piece of tech overall. Maybe it’s the smooth way the apps launch or move around the screen, but it’s more atheistically pleasing.
7. I need me a case for this thing. It’s very glossy and smooth on the outside, and I know carrying it in the same pocket with my keys is going to tear it up.
8. Twitter & camera are integrated into the OS. You can post something on Twitter with a couple of “clicks” and even take a pic through the text messenger.
9. Siri is hysterical. Spent a good 10 minutes asking her all kinds of random stuff (asked her to call my friend an asshole, which she understood. She called him, but never bothered with the insult). But also very helpful too…asked her to call Safeway, and she pulls up 25 area stores. Click on any one, and the phone automatically dials.
10. Most important: I don’t think the iPhone or the Droid is vastly superior to the other; it’s all a question of what you like. If you need a hard keyboard, get the Droid. If you want more apps and your iTunes, get the droid.