Kiwi Jack: Chapter Eight

Have to admit that Wellington has been a bit of a let-down thus far.

There is something to be said for the fact that we’ve entered a mid-sized city after a week of being on the road and out in the wild for a few days, and it’s always an adjustment to be back in a city, even if it’s not a metropolis.

Wellington seems to be a very nice, comfortable, capital city to live in. Trouble is, that doesn’t leave much for us tourists. Our recommendations from Ron and Paula included the Te Papa museum and Cuba Street.

Te Papa was incredible, actually. Never before have I seen a country that can so succinctly sum up its history, culture and so on inside of one building. I much more enjoyed this museum than some of the larger ones in the world which seem to include a ton of stuff rather than try to tell a story like this one did. Highly recommended if you’re looking to learn something about this lovely country.

Plus, it has a great rooftop with an even better view. Didn’t have my best camera on me, but this came out pretty well:

Then we headed out to the much-vaunted Cuba Street. Like a lot of cities, Wellington has one of these outdoor plazas with shops, restaurants and clubs. This one reminded me most of the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica (which I love), but virtually no one was out at 8:30. I guess that’s late-night, but didn’t like that much.

The mix of places is very interesting; within a few blocks, we noticed restaurants, movie theaters, gaming lounges, gentlemen’s clubs (yes, this is a euphemism), bars, stores and more. Don’t know if the mix is good or bad, was just interesting since it’s not something you usually see.

Back out into the backcountry for the next two nights before we wind up in Auckland. But before I go, I’ll leave you with this video I shot at the Punakaiki Pancake Rocks on the West Coast a few nights ago. I wanted to send this earlier, but didn’t have the internet to send an HD version, and needed that to do this justice. Enjoy.

Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Blowholes from Viral Media Worldwide on Vimeo.

August 9, 10:45pm
Wellington, New Zealand