Kiwi Jack: The Epilogue

So we left New Zealand just under a week ago.

We pulled out of the Chifley Suites in Auckland under the cover of night, like the Baltimore Colts when they moved to The Middle. Arrived at the airport 1.5 hours early after a 0.5 hour car ride, flew 3.25 hours to Sydney, 3 hours in Oz, 13.5 hours over the ocean, 3.5 hours at LAX, 5 hours across the country, 0.5 hours collecting the bags and 0.75 hours on the drive home.

Total of just a shade over 27 hours.

Given that the trip over was longer due to how the jet stream works and an extra connection down to Christchurch (32 hours), that put total travel time at around 59 hours, or just short of two and a half days for a 15 day trip.

It was completely worth it. I have never felt quite so at home in a foreign country as I did in New Zealand. The country has some of the most amazing scenery in the world, several very livable cities, crystal water, clean air and the perfect balance of sharpness and…well, for lack of a word, laid-backness.

If you travel enough, you’ll eventually have the moment where you wake up in a hotel room in the middle of the night and have no idea where you are. In 13 days on the pair of islands, that didn’t happen once.

It did after I got home.

Though I was back in the country, we spent one quick turnaround night at home before hitting the road again. We visited my mother for a couple of days and then a night in Pennsylvania for my cousin Zachary’s wedding to my new cousin Kelly.

All four nights I woke up, completely disoriented, wondering where I was. Only one was I in an unfamiliar place. Still not sure what to make of this.

Just to wrap up, I’d ask you to please consider visiting New Zealand. Those guys have something special down there.

August 21, 12:25am
Rockville, MD USA