Kiwi Jack (The New Zealand Trip): The Prelude

So if you’re one of my loyal readers (both of you), you’ll notice that it’s been not so much with my blogging content lately. Sans my love letter to the heartless assholes at Pepco, I haven’t done much in six weeks. That’s because my biggest client, the Washington Kastles of World TeamTennis, were in the midst of completing another perfect season.

That’s not a typo. The Kastles have now run the table in two consecutive regular seasons; the team will be competing for a second consecutive championship in September, the delay thanks to the Olympics which is closely followed by the US Open. The Kastles have run off 30 consecutive wins; three short of the record for a major US pro sport.

But I digress (as I tend to go).

As you read this, I’m on a plane heading west towards Los Angeles. I’m tempting the fate of the Lost gods by not only flying the Sydney to LA route on the way home, but flying on Flight 108 on 8/15. If you know what I mean by that, then you’re as much of a Lost addict as I am.

But assuming that I don’t wind up on a desert island with a polar bear, smoke monster and creepy natives (that sounds like the start of a joke), I plan to bring you a semi-regular blogging experience from the land down under…the land Down Under. I’m not promising to do this at any particular regular interval or that I will write any better than my usual “type a bunch of shit and click post”/stream of consciousness writing style. Basically, I’ll post some pics and write some crap occasionally.

Hey, it’s my vacation.

So this is the point in the travel blogs where people start whining that they don’t know what to take. I find that crap boring and pedantic. But, to appease the travel gods, I show you now the pile of crap I had out last night when packing before stuffing it into my duffel.

My crapSo there you go. I will note that we’re going to the southern hemisphere, and are likely to see snow in the first couple of days as we wind our way into the Southern Alps, so you’ll note my leather jacket, jeans, sweatshirt and, of course, RATTLER SHORTS! (Okay, breaking a theme, but I love those things).

Now, the trip. As noted, I am on my way to Los Angeles. That’s six hours from DC. From there, I hop a 14 hour flight to Sydney. Then it’s four hours to Wellington. This is capped off by a 40 minute jump to Christchurch, where the trip begins. Thank God for business class and frequent flyer miles.

Finally, on to the cool part. 13 days driving through some of the highlights this incredible country. Here’s a quick overview:

Next time you hear from me, I’ll be on South Island.

Kia Ora.