Thoughts and Philosophy for the New Year

Every year, I sit on my couch and watch the ball drop over Times Square, and every year I vow that I’m going to make the trip, stand my ass out there in the freezing cold and watch it live. And every year, when I make this vow, I end it with…but not next year.

I feel the same way about New Year’s Resolutions. Coming into the year, everyone has a couple of resolutions, whether they’ve given voice to them, tweeted about them or listed them on a scroll. Most of these resolutions are out the window by the morning of January 2, or Martin Luther King Day or at least by the time the king rodent of Western Pennsylvania decides to stick his head out of the hole.

Frankly, after falling into this trap on multiple occasions myself, I’ve come to the conclusion that each and every resolution is the SAME resolution.

Allow me to elaborate.

I may have read this somewhere, or I may be extrapolating (probably somewhere in between), so I won’t take full credit for the idea. But here it is: We are constantly two selves. There’s the self that we are, and the self that we want to be. When those two meet, we understand that great things can happen.

Our resolutions are simply a way of helping things along; we are constantly resolving to bring the person we want to be and the person we are together. Personally, I feel this to be true, with one additional nugget: Should the two selves ever meet, the two together might push us to greater heights than we’ve ever imagined.

I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season full of family and food, wine and song. No matter how good 2012 was, best wishes for an even better 2013.

And may this be the year your two selves meet.