NFL: First Round Playoff Predictions

So I’ve been tracking my own personal NFL Power Rankings throughout the season, once a quarter. In case you’re new to the power rakings game, they’re just basically an excuse to spout off a few opinions, as there’s no real scientific rational for where I place teams, just how I feel when I look at them in the standings.

I’m going to try something a bit different, and actually give some predictions, rather than just some reactions. Though I do know something about football, only a fool will tell you that, with any kind of accuracy, they can actually predict how an NFL game will go.

But I’m kind of bored tonight and feel like adding some content to my blog, so take these with a grain of salt.

BTW…I plan on re-doing these every week, so I’m bound to be right at some point.

Cincinnati (9-7) at Houston (10-6)
The funny thing about this one is that both teams are breathing sighs of relief that they’re playing each other. The Bungles are happy to be playing a team on a three game losing streak and reeling from the loss of two quarterbacks while Houston is thrilled to be playing anyone but the Steelers. Both teams certainly have their issues, and it’s anyone’s call as to who is winning this one. But, my blog so my call…
Jack’s Worthless Prediction: Cincinnati 17, Houston 13

Pittsburgh (12-4) at Denver (8-8)
This is one of those games that’s going to stir up the annual January conversation of “Should seedings be decided by overall record”? (No, by the way. I’ll do a blog post on this eventually). Pittsburgh is always a flawed team, but they are tough and have that playoff experience and swagger. Denver backed into the playoffs on a gimmick system and are incredibly lucky to be there. That said, no one is better than Tim Tebow when you absolutely gotta make a play.
Jack’s Worthless Prediction: Pittsburgh 24, Denver 10

Detroit (10-6) at New Orleans (13-3)
Detroit’s best when it’s airing it out, and New Orleans has significant trouble defending the pass. The Saints have a high-powered offense that does its best to keep the pressure off its defense. As we saw last week in Green Bay, the Lions’ defense is somewhat suspect, and they also don’t run the ball particularly well. Take the Saints; more dimensions, the better.
Jack’s Worthless Prediction: New Orleans 35, Detroit 28

Atlanta (10-6) at New York Giants (9-7)
This is the boring game of the week between two seriously flawed teams. Atlanta is hard-nosed and tough, but is lacking the home-run hitter on defense and the offense still hasn’t found fifth gear. New York survived the NFC East, but that’s hardly an accomplishment. Winner of this game drops like a fly in round two.
Jack’s Worthless Prediction: Atlanta 20, New York Giants 7

Okay, so to take the fun up an extra notch, I’m going to take my predictions all the way through the Super Bowl. It’d be AWESOME if one of the teams I predicted to get there actually made it, huh?

Second Round
Cincinnati at New England
Chad Ochocinco gets his wish and downs his former team in a big way.
New England 35, Cincinnati 10

Pittsburgh at Baltimore
Hard for a team to beat another team three times in one season. This one’s close, but it happens this year.
Baltimore 20, Pittsburgh 17

New Orleans at San Francisco
San Francisco lacks the star-power of the Saints at QB, but they’re the most balanced.
San Francisco 24, New Orleans 21

Atlanta at Green Bay
Really hate to go without an upset in round two, but this one goes straight by the book.
Green Bay 35, Atlanta 17

Third Round
Baltimore at New England
New England’s defensive flaws finally come home to roost.
Baltimore 23, New England 14

San Francisco at Green Bay
Nine times out of 10 Green Bay takes down San Francisco. This will be the 10th.
San Francisco 27, Green Bay 24

Super Bowl
First brother vs. brother Super Bowl? Welcome to the NFL, Jim.
Baltimore 27, San Francisco 10