NFL: Second Round Playoff Predictions

Home team wins every game in the first round? Who’dve thunk? Not me, that’s for sure. I went one for four in a crazy week, which featured the first playoff team to score a safety (and only a safety) in a game and Tebow’s holy passing stats.

The good news is that I actually picked all of the bye week teams to win in Week 2, so my winners stay in tact.

So without further ado…

New Orleans (14-3) at San Francisco (13-3)
You know San Francisco was rooting for Detroit last week. New Orleans has a stronger running game and a more opportunistic defense and, frankly, is more of a complete team than the up and coming Lions. Still, the 49ers can run, defend the run and are very disciplined. Plus New Orleans has a long road trip ahead of them, and will be outside of the dome.
Jack’s Worthless Week Two Prediction: San Francisco 28, New Orleans 27

Denver (9-8) at New England (13-3)
If Tebow’s 316 passing yards were a sign from God, then it’s proof positive that the man upstairs has a terrific sense of humor. New England is among the league’s worst in pass defense and Tebow keeps getting better. Tebow also does his best while the pressure is on, and the Patriots haven’t won a playoff game since they blew their perfect season in 2008. Tom Brady is the ultimate equalizer, however, and makes the Pats a legit contender in any game. Take Denver in an upset, but it’ll be a sqeaker.
Jack’s Worthless Week Two Prediction: Denver 21, New England 20

Houston (11-6) at Baltimore (12-4)
Baltimore has a tendency to play as well as their opponents, and Houston, even with Yates at the helm, is still one of the better and more disciplined teams in the league. Ravens QB Joe Flacco is a gamer in the playoffs, and Baltimore’s D is a lot better than Cincinnati’s.
Jack’s Worthless Week Two Prediction: Baltimore 28, Houston 10

New York Giants (10-7) at Green Bay (15-1)
Green Bay is the best team in the NFL right now, and the Giants are the least complete and well-rounded team left alive right now (last week’s performance against Atlanta notwithstanding). Plus it’s Green Bay in January. This one’s the lock of the week.
Jack’s Worthless Week Two Prediction: Green Bay 35, New York Giants 7

To keep the theme going, here come my Round 3 predictions.

Third Round
Denver at Baltimore
Tebow-mania ends here. Baltimore’s squad is just too good, and Tebow is bound to flame out at some point.
Baltimore 30, Denver 7

San Francisco at Green Bay
Will stick with last week: Nine times out of 10 Green Bay takes down San Francisco. This will be the 10th.
San Francisco 27, Green Bay 24

Super Bowl
San Francisco vs. Baltimore (unchanged from last week)
Baltimore 27, San Francisco 10