So here’s something I came up with Sunday evening: #NoClickForYou.

I started like that because SEO wants me to put the topic of the post in the first line. Here’s how I really wanted to start:

You know what I’m fucking tired of? Click-bait media stories. In all forms. CNN and Deadline Hollywood posting pictures of Jim Carrey carrying his dead ex-girlfriend’s coffin. A three year old story on The Atlantic this evening, re-posted under the following headline: “Millennials: The Cheapest Generation”. Anything involving a phrase like “You’ll be SHOCKED what happened next.”

I’ve been ignoring these stories. I won’t give them the satisfaction of clicking on them, re-posting them as examples of bad journalism or ranting about them in general. But, in responding to The Atlantic story tonight, I found myself posting: #NoClickForYou.

Actually, that’s just for SEO again. I wrote out the full phrase. But instantly, it crystalized in my mind as #NoClickForYou.

From now on, any story that you deem irresponsible (the Jim Carrey picture), annoying (The Atlantic headline) or you’re just tired of (anything involving Kim Davis) – I urge you to do the same.

I’ve got a website up for this – noclickforyou.com – though it’s not much yet. Just a quick explanation with a link right back here. But use this, encourage your friends to use it.


PS – in case you’ve been living under a rock, and don’t get the reference…see below.