Oscar 2012: Best Writing (Original Screenplay) Race

Over the previous few weeks, I examined each of the races in the top eight categories. I am in no way trying to keep this objective or subjective; like with everything else in this blog, I write what I think and don’t really filter it. This is the last of these pieces.

The Nominees
The Artist
Margin Call
Midnight in Paris
A Separation

Along with its twin sister, Adapted Screenplay, the Original Screenplay race is a bit looser than the Best Pic and Best Directing categories; people are more willing to take a chance in the category, and acknowledge films that missed out in the other sections. That happened with Margin Call and A Separation here; Margin Call should have gotten more of a chance in the other categories, and A Separation would have been Top 5 if it wasn’t Iranian and subtitled.

Will Win: Midnight in Paris. The Artist is getting most of the play here, but at the end of the day, the writing isn’t what made that movie. Rather, it was direction and amazing facial expressions from the actors. Midnight in Paris isn’t your typical Best Picture fodder, but it was so smartly written and an incredible amount of fun. That, plus it’s several subtle slams of the Tea Party will prop it up with the Hollywood elite that makes up the Academy.

Should Win: Midnight in Paris. No question that it was truly the most originally written film of the year; everything else is playing for second. However, if you want a second place pick, A Separation is it. That film will win the foreign film award in a walk, and could pick up it’s second statue here. It’s taut and timely (and inadvertently gives those of us in the western world a true slice of Iranian life). It deserves more than it’s got. The same could be said for Margin Call.

Snubbed: Win Win. This movie was widely ignored earlier in the year, but shouldn’t have been. Like the category, Win Win was truly original, well done and had some surprising twists and turns throughout the film.

Overhyped: Bridesmaids. Those of you who read this blog already know my hated for this film. It’s cruel, boring and a one-joke movie that keeps doubling-down on itself; not just crossing the line but taking a crap on it and then setting it on fire. How this movie has gotten this much positive hype is beyond me.