Oscar Film Update: Twitter Style

I swear I’m not being lazy this week. I spent HOURS on Saturday re-doing the content of this website. Of course that’s complete self-marketing and I’m aware that those of you who find my blog entertaining (now THAT’S a short list) won’t find any of my newly re-designed and added content at all interesting. (But wait: isn’t the BLOG self-marketing too?? Ugh.)

But someone who might hire me down the line might. And they trump you, so stow it. ūüėČ

I also couldn’t come up with a damned interesting thing to write about. I suppose I could weigh in on the whole new Redskins saga (not to be confused with any of the past Redskins sagas) and the Snyder-Shanahan-Griffin love triangle deal. But hasn’t enough crap been written about that already? (Side note: ProFootballTalk is way out to lunch on this one; some pretty outstanding conspiracy theories though).

So instead today’s blog post is the internet version of a clip show episode of your favorite sitcom. Following up on my September Fall Film Preview post, I’ve decided to share my 140 character Twitter reviews of most of the films. I’m doing this pretty well (or badly, depending on your perspective) thus far – I’ve only missed six of the films to this point, and two of them were based on horrible reviews (The Counselor and Runner, Runner).

Side note: I’m taking some film production classes. I mentioned to a young woman in my class that I generally go to the movies at least once and sometimes twice a week. She looked at me wide-eyed and said “Wow, now I know one person who still goes to see (films) in theaters.” Another record year in box office sales…can’t just be me, can it? I guess we all live on our own bubbles.

Without further ado, my film reviews, including a few I’ve caught on demand that came out earlier this year. Like these? Follow me here on Twitter, and get them in real-time (meaning: as I see them):

#12YearsASlave: Brutal, powerful and compelling. #Oscar performances from Ejiofor & Fassbender. 3rd act a shade too long. 3.5/4*

#2Guns: Not bad, not great. Wahlberg & Washington are at the top of their game, & that’s what makes the movie work. Story..not so much. 2/4*

#AboutTime: Everything we expect of Richard Curtis: sweet, funny & throughly fun. Plot holes yes, but always the case w/time travel. 3/4*

#AllIsLost: Amazing, compelling man v. nature conflict #film. Redford delivers career defining/capping performance. One of year’s best. 4/4*

#CaptainPhillips: Tense, gripping thriller & showcase for terrific performances from Hanks and others. Slightly overlong. 3.5/4*

#DallasBuyersClub: Slow, but deep & compelling. McConaughey shows his chops in #Oscar caliber performance. #Film surprisingly timely. 3.5/4*

#DonJohn: Gordon-Levitt is a triple threat; terrific acting, writing & directing, though film lags in 2nd act. ScarJo #Oscar worthy. 3/4*

#EndersGame: Close to the book, but in a good way. Loved Hood’s style, though story-character balance tipped too much to the former. 3/4*

#EnoughSaid: #Film thrives off the sparkling chemistry between its two leads. Story good, but not earth shattering. Enjoyable. 3/4*

#Gravity: Alfonso Cuaron is a genius. Bullock terrific. A cinematic achievement. 4/4*

#HungerGames: Sequel infinitely better than the original. Compelling, visually stunning, better paced & well told. Remake the 1st! 3/4*

#Nebraska: Heartfelt, true & funny with terrific performances. Necessarily slow and surprisingly stark – b&w visuals perfect for #film. 4/4*

#OutOfTheFurnace: Terrific performances, compelling and wonderful cinematography. Bale esp. great. Characters lacked development. 2.5/4*

#Parkland: Intriguing and emotional. Each segment was well done and acted. However, never quite came together as a cohesive #film. 2.5/4*

#Prisoners: Denis Villeneuve’s stunning visuals set a disquiet that only intensifies the gripping thriller. H. Jackman #Oscar worthy. 3.5/4*

#ThePurge: What you think: Generally enjoyable, decently done, thriller/horror flick with some good twists & significant plot holes. 2.5/4

#Rush: Disappointed. Script a mess, no character devel., lack of narrative thread & pacing. Love Howard’s style here; good performances 2/4*

#TheButler: Some of the best film writing this year; very hard to tell a story that broad, yet keep the thread. Top notch all around. 3.5/4*

#TheWayWayBack: Terrific film. Writing was spot on; casting pitch-perfect and story was feel good and lots of fun. Go see it. 3.5/4*.

#TheWorldsEnd: Not bad, but I would really like to see the movie it would have been sans the alien invasion plot. 2.5/4*

#ThorDarkWorld: Tale of 2 films: 1st hour languishes with poor pacing. 2nd hour rushes by too fast with good story but no char develp. 2/4*

#WhiteHouseDown: Completely ridiculous, totally illogical and a whole lot of fun. Emmerich (ID4, Day After Tomorrow) delivers again. 2.5/4*