President-Elect Donald Trump

The United States of America has spoken. We have chosen to elect a man who has been endorsed, even lauded, by the KKK. A man who bragged about sexually assaulting women. A man who wishes to ban an entire religion from entering the United States, in sharp contrast to our origins as a country. A man who over 60% of Americans have serious reservations about as President, but won anyway. A man who…well, I could go on, but you get the point.

The Democrats had a chance to stop this. They had their own outsider candidate, in the form of Bernie Sanders, by all accounts a good man with a true vision. Instead, the party fell to cronyism of the worst kind, putting up the most insider candidate in the history of the republic in the year of the outsider. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that she failed.

NeverTrump Republicans are to blame as well. Eight years of obstructionism, of grinding the government to a halt, of constant party politics all to spite the legacy of our current President. That’s not what this county has done historically. De-funding passed legislation isn’t American. Not putting up Supreme Court nominees for a year isn’t American. Not passing Zika research because someone attached an abortion rider IS NOT AMERICAN.

And, my God, the media. Let’s not get started on the polls, so many of which were so far off that it’s difficult to even contemplate. Was Trump right? Were these polls rigged? It’s hard to come up with another explanation. Don’t forget how the media created this man in the first place. Trump’s campaign was in Huffington Post’s entertainment section for months. In the search of the almighty ratings dollar, the media created this monster. When he won the nomination, they turned on him. But it was too late.

If you’re angry, sad and frightened about the results of last night’s election, as I am, remember these lessons. The media in this country has an agenda. It’s sad but true. What was 50 major media outlets in 1980 is now six. The truth, context and objectivity are no more. Ratings and shareholders have taken their place.

Political parties, not people, have dominated the political landscape for so long that most rank and file Americans feel completely disenfranchised from their government. The do-nothing spirit of Congress created this outsider swell, which overwhelmed even the Republican National Committee, whose preferred candidate was Marco Rubio, not Donald Trump.

But President-Elect Trump is what we are left with, and the man will be the 45th President of the United States, whether we like it or not. We must accept this, and rise above what the Congressional Republicans have done to this country for the last eight years.

We can only hope that President Trump is a much more reasonable person than Candidate Trump, much more like the man who essentially endorsed Hillary in 2004, and voted progressive most of his life. That once he is in the White House, he will understand the awesome responsibility he has just taken upon himself, and govern for all Americans, not just the white and the Christian.

I was nominally encouraged by his acceptance speech last night. He mentioned rebuilding the infrastructure of the country. This would be a phenomenal task, one that Hillary herself wanted to do. Our roads, bridges, power grids…they all need to be brought into the 21st century. President-Elect Trump has promised to Make America Great Again. Well, that’s a good place to start.

The next election is in two years, folks, not four. The entire House of Representatives. 1/3 of the Senate. A number of governor’s mansions, state legislatures, judgeships, and so on. These are all important, and the more local you get, the more it affects you. I, for one, have done a shit job learning who the local judges are. My ignorance, coupled with others, may have ruined more that I can know. I pledge to do better next time.

Because, in the end, if you’re racist, sexist, anti-Semitic or if you hate Muslims, it’s all ignorance. It’s ALL ignorance. Fear of the unknown, fear of what’s different. The more educated you are, the less there is to fear in this world, this I promise you.

For now, though, I call for an end to this rancorous two years which has plagued and further divided this country. We have a President-Elect. Let’s see what he does. Maybe some will be good. If he delivers on a lot of his campaign promises, a lot will be bad. We will peacefully oppose him when that time comes.

But, for now, let’s all just take a deep breath. And pay very close attention to what comes next.