This is the 21st century version of annoying your neighbors with a slideshow from your recent trip. I’m just back from Rome, one of the greatest cities in the world. It was my second visit, but it still seemed as fresh and exciting as when I was there many years ago.

If you go, I can’t recommend staying at this apartment enough. It’s near the Piazza di Popola, which is a vibrant neighborhood about 10 minutes from the Spanish Steps. We didn’t bother looking up restaurant reviews; every single spot in the area was fantastic. Even the little deli down the street had some of the best sandwiches we’ve ever come across.

No matter what though, follow the advice of one of our guides: the locals eat in the restaurants away from the tourist spots in the alleys. That’s where the really good food is.

Oh, and make sure you take the RomeCabs by Steffano “Rome at Night” tour. You’ll see some of the shots below.

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