Brian Koppelman’s Six Second Screenwriting Lessons

Into screenwriting? Today’s Thursday Feature is devoted to Brian Koppelman. Koppelman has been involved in screenwriting for years, and has written some famous films, including Rounders and Ocean’s Thirteen. But Koppelman has recently figured out a terrific use for Vine (an achievement in and of itself) – offering daily six second screenwriting lessons for those of us who would like to pursue the craft.

Here’s a few of the six second screenwriting lessons I’ve enjoyed thus far. Best way to see them all is to follow Koppelman on Twitter (@briankoppelman), and use the hashtag #sixsecondscreenwriting or (six second screenwriting without the spaces).

Some of them talk about just shutting out all of the naysayers and your own self-doubt to pursue your craft, others give you specific advice, but the six second format on vine is terrific. I make it a point to take six seconds a day to check these out; if you’re into screenwriting, you should too.

As of this writing, he’s done about 50 of his lessons, though these seem to be continually added each day. For those of us banging out head against the wall continually trying to get our ideas out of our heads and onto paper before the self-doubt settles in, it’s like manna from heaven.

Want to see them all? Check out this compilation from Brandon Sneed.